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Several blogging award ceremonies are now upon us. Every year, we nominate and then vote for our favourite bloggers – sometimes spending hours on one category because the category has three of your favourite blogs in it. But where would we be without the little parenting lifesavers that have got us through the day so

Hunger With a Side of Insecurity

As mentioned recently, I’ve had a bounty of questions come my way during pregnancy, the worst ones coming from women I rarely know – women who probably only found my name out a few weeks ago. During said week of stupid questions, I got this whopper:- Her: “So how much weight have you gained?” Inner

Wellbeing Wallets by MAMA Academy – Review

A few weeks ago, I saw a tweet from @mamaacademy asking for pregnant bloggers to review a new product they were releasing. I don’t usually do this sort of thing, as I can’t always commit my time what with work, but I thought I’d give it a go just incase it was something useful. The

My First Midwife Appointment

I arrived at the local children’s centre waaaaaay too early (as usual). We only live about 10 minutes walking distance from the place, but for some reason I left at least 30 minutes prior to wanting to be 10 minutes early incase they were running early – so I was at least 45 minutes early.


I’m now over the half way mark in regards to my Vitamin taking and it’s not been too bad, actually. The only trouble I’ve had is when I’m working late shifts and I have to come back to the office just to take a quick shot. It’s been hard as I’ve sometimes been in the middle

OCD Awareness Week (17th – 23rd Feb 2014).

I don’t usually take part in “So-and-So” weeks as a lot of the time they don’t relate to me and I certainly wouldn’t want to try and understand something I have no comprehension about. However, following a few emails, tweets and blog posts about this particular subject, and because I’m a sufferer too, I thought