I’m now over the half way mark in regards to my Vitamin taking and it’s not been too bad, actually. The only trouble I’ve had is when I’m working late shifts and I have to come back to the office just to take a quick shot. It’s been hard as I’ve sometimes been in the middle of something, but thankfully I’ve only been late the once. The handful of colleagues who know what I’m going through have been great and have worked our shift around when I have to take my shots – I couldn’t have asked for better.

At around 2 weeks, Vitamin B3 started to taste rather disgusting just before I was due to stop taking it, now the NADH is starting to taste like weak squash. Apparently, I will start to taste every mineral once my body has got enough of it.
More interestingly though, an overload in Vitamin B3 is what brings on morning sickness, so when I started to feel icky after taking the shot it was reassuring to know that there was now copious amounts of B3 running through my system. It was also interesting to know what morning sickness felt like!


I’m due to completely finish taking the main minerals in about a weeks time, but I will still have to take Iodides for a further 2 weeks after that. Once I’ve finished, we can then start trying again – which is really really exciting as I thought the day would never come when Kate told us the duration was to be 6 weeks! This meant that we would completely miss one cycle and possibly another.

When I found out that we had to stop trying during the duration of Vitamin taking, I was really peeved off – we had just started with our new donor,  but now we had to put things on hold! I know that there was a medical reasoning behind it, but I still got into my impatient-have-a-tantrum-I-want-it-now mood. 6 weeks felt like a lifetime. I used to work my months out by paydays, but now it’s by my cycles.

Although it was always exciting when we tried each cycle, there was always a little niggle at the back of my head that told me it wasn’t going to work again as I had already seen so many BFN’s. This time, however, with the reassurance from Kate that I am “fixable”, I am feeling super super excited to try again – almost as excited as our first time.


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  1. Rachael says:

    I agree, the pictures are pretty cute and really amusing. However, I’m also super happy to hear that you are on the way to trying again! Good luck! 🙂

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