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As years go, this year has probably been the most emotionally draining year. It’s also been even busier what with us entering the home stretch to the world of school. I thought last year was a busy one, but as T is getting older the years seem to be passing us at the same rate as his legs. If I’m not working, we are out and about, seeing friends, or squeezing in a holiday or two, and whilst I honestly wouldn’t change it for the world, I wouldn’t mind a few more days with T before his next growth spurt or developmental milestone.

I know I say this every year, but this year was by far the best one when it comes to T (it probably wasn’t the best as a whole though, which I explain later on). As much as we’re getting further and further away from T being our ‘baby’, with his independence growing rapidly, I’m thoroughly enjoying having a three-nearly four year old and the magic that comes with it.

Here’s what our 2018 looked like. If you’d like to read about our 2017, you can find this here.


January – March

The year thankfully started off quite quietly, but not before I set myself a few goals for 2018. I don’t do ‘resolutions’ and I’ve fallen our of love with the phrase ‘bucket list’ but the thought of some goals to work towards or little changes looked much more appealing. I’ll be writing about how I got on very soon.

The rest of the quarter saw the start of our new feature; ‘T’s Reads’ as well as finding a few new places to visit as the weather got better. We also got a taster of what Camp Bestival had in store for us this year with a disco at Stanmer House with Big Fish Little Fish!

As a family, we also experienced ‘Night Terrors‘ for the first time with T, which seemed to last a lifetime, as well as what every other parent experiences when their only-child reaches the age of three. On a much sadder note, we also found our Sharon’s Father had cancer.

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April – June

April is always one of the busier months, with T’s and Sharon’s birthdays right at the very beginning. T turned three this year, and we celebrated with a super-hero party with friends and family, as well as a trip to the Romney, Hythe, and Dymchurch Railway.

Later on, just three months after his diagnosis, Sharon’s father passed away. Two days before Sharon’s birthday and just before we were due to go on holiday with him. As expected, this hit us incredibly hard – especially T who is still incredibly attached to this Grandad. Whilst we were undecided about going on holiday, it was actually well-timed as an escape to our favourite location; Dorset, was just what we needed.

In May, I celebrated my birthday and we took ourselves on lots of lovely days out, such as; The Warner Bros. Studios and Godstone Farm in Surrey. We also shared our packing list for Camp Bestival which was next month!

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July – September

Officially (and eventually) Summer, July through to September was dominated by our favourite festival; Camp Bestival and later on; Pride. Before heading off to Camp Bestival, I filmed a little video with T about what he’s looking forward to the most at Camp Bestival this year as well as what food we were taking!

In July, we took ourselves off to Dorset for Camp Bestival, although sadly it was cut short due to the dangerous weather. This, however, didn’t stop us having fun and we actually walked away with a few funny stories! Once our washing basket from camping was empty, we celebrated Brighton Pride with Sharon’s family in August. The weather was glorious and I was incredibly proud to share it with family and friends a long the way.

Finishing the month of August, we also took ourselves to the Watercress Line to celebrate T’s Grandad’s Birthday. In September, we were invited to take part in a ‘Day in the Life Photoshoot‘, and whilst it was way out of our comfort zone, I was in awe in what was produced. Thank you, Corina!

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October – December

With the summer officially over, we were hoping to wind down for the rest of the year, but T had other ideas. This last quarter saw us submit T’s school application for next year, as well as take T to the cinema for the first time. That being said, I had my first ever Massage which was a whole new experience for me considering I’m not a fan of strangers touching me!

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We also squeezed in our last holiday of the year – likely our last one as a three before T starts school in September (not an announcement! We’re taking T’s granny on holiday with us next year) – with a visit to Bluestone, Wales in October.

In November, we were incredibly lucky to bag some tickets to see Andy and the Odd Socks (with our first ever experience happening at Camp Bestival). We also started getting into the Christmas spirit with a trip to London Zoo for their Christmas experience. This visit was our second of the year and hopefully one of many – it’s such a wonderful place.

December, when I can finally allow myself to really get into Christmas, was when we did just that. As well as starting T’s book advent, we decorated the house, took T to see Father Christmas for the first time at Amberley Museum (and again in Brighton for a special Lego themed grotto!) and wrote about what Christmas is like for us.

When the big event finally arrived (although it really didn’t seem like that long of a wait!) we had a wonderful day at home with Sharon’s mum – sharing the first Christmas without Sharon’s dad.

This was also the first year where T really *got* Christmas and was incredibly excited when his plate of offerings had been eaten and his first stocking had been filled with gifts. I’m not going to lie, he’s also taken full advantage of the Christmas Spirit and gorged on several ‘Biscuit Breakfasts’ and the occasional cheese platter!

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I absolutely adore writing posts like this as I’m reminded of all the things we’ve done and been through, as well as all of T’s milestones. Whilst this year hasn’t always been the happiest, there’s also been some wonderful moments that we’ll cherish for years to come.

With T starting school in September 2019, we’re going to be squeezing in as much as we can as a family – although I’m also really excited as to how he develops as a person and how he takes on school life.

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9 thoughts on “Our 2018

  1. Jules says:

    It sounds as though you had a crazy-busy 2018 and looks as though you had lots of fun, too! I’m so sorry that you had a year tinged with sadness; I hope that 2019 in kinder to you. x #ShareYourYear

  2. MrsShilts says:

    What a lovely round up of your year. Whilst you all experienced sadness, it sounds like T had a great year, he’s growing up so quickly!

    Have a wonderful 2019 xx

  3. Mummy Barrow says:

    I am so sorry to hear about Sharon’s father. What a tough year you have had. I hope 2019 is more peaceful. I cant wait to follow what you all get up to this year Big hugs

  4. Helen Costello says:

    Aaw I’ve loved my girls growing up but there’s always a tinge of melancholy about them not being babies any more. SO sorry to hear about Sharon’s Dad passing last year. May you all have a happy & healthy 2019 xx #shareyouryear

  5. Lauren | Scrapbook Blog says:

    Loved this roundup but I hope this year has less loss 🙁 Yep things will be a bit different when he’s at school but hopefully you can squish your fun into weekends and after schools! x

  6. tobygoesbananas says:

    I’m sorry about Sharon’s dad, it must be very hard for all of you. It sounds like your year has had lots of positives too. I can’t believe how much more grown up T looks compared to the start of the year – they change so much at this age don’t they? I’m looking forward to seeing what you get up in 2019 #ShareYourYear

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