I Heart Sundays

The last two weeks saw a change in routine for us as I had a training course that I had to attend, meaning that Sharon and I had to do a switch when it came to childcare (which was easier said than done! Talk about military operation!). This meant Sharon did the nursery drop offs and I did pickups which, by the way, were uh-maze-zing. Driving home from my course was like driving home for Christmas. I couldn’t wait to see his face and talk about his day.

The change in routine also meant that I was able to be a part of a lot more bedtimes (something that I miss dearly as I work late shifts) as well as full weekends! This may sound odd, but to manage our childcare costs I work 80% late shifts; which includes weekends, and due to the pattern that I also have to follow so I can see my team I work most weekends.

I get one full weekend off in six weeks. SIX. That’s a lot of days out and family get-togethers missed. So when I was enrolled onto the course, the first thing I was looking forward to was the weekends and I was going to make sure we made the most of them!

my first full weekend

My first weekend off was jam packed from the get go with a visit from T’s cousins for a Roast on Saturday. Due to work schedules and school we hadn’t seen them all in a while so there was lots of catching up to do!

After the children had firmly caught up (aka made a mess), we then snuggled on the sofa to watch a film before lunch was served. Not that I watched much of the film when this was my view. It took me back to when T was a baby and his cousin held him for the first time.

Sunday followed suit and was equally as busy, but for some reason it didn’t seem as hectic! We decided that we were going to treat ourselves to breakfast at the Starfish and Coffee Cafe in Queens Park, Brighton as we hadn’t done brunch for a while (does it count as brunch when it’s before 10am?!) and T had been restless that night. It was such a lovely treat and we were so glad we chose this particular venue as they make pancakes that taste like doughnuts from the Pier. I kid you not. They’re beyond amazing. Plus, I’m pretty sure I’ve now had the best Oatmilk flat white in the world (ok, I was slightly delirious from the lack of sleep).

After breakfast (I can’t bring myself to call it brunch) we then spent the rest of our allotted parking time in the play park before making our way to Hove to see the main act of our Sunday; Andy and the Odd Socks!

As part of their UK Tour we were invited to their show in the Old Market, Hove. The first time we had seen them was Camp Bestival this year and we had a blast then too, so we were so excited to see them again. Plus, this venue was a lot smaller than the Big Top at Camp Bestival; making it a lot more personal.

Oh and we only went and met them after the show too! This almost got the better of T as he was completely starstruck, but after some gentle encouragement he managed to pluck up the courage to say Hi (that was it, mind you).

The Next Weekend

Although not as busy as our last one, we still squeezed in a few tasks that we didn’t have time to do before, as well as meet up with friends; including the wonderful Corine where we took ourselves to Friston Forest for a woodland walk!

If you didn’t know already, Corine is a wonderful photographer and we had the privilege of watching Corine in action. Here are a few of our favourite snaps from the day that Corine has very generously shared with us;

Whilst I’m sad to now be back to my normal shift work, having these few weekends together has been an absolute dream and I’m so glad we spent them the way we did – even if we were knackered after!


We were invited to see Andy and the Oddsocks in exchange for prior promotion, however all thoughts, images and opinions are our own.

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