T’s Reads: Mixed: A Colourful Story by Arree Chung

Over the past three years we’ve slowly been collecting an array of books that are inclusive and diverse. We’ve written previously about our list of favourites, however our list is now growing rapidly (we really need to update this list!). Things are certainly changing when it comes to Children’s books!

Every few weeks I scour the web to find new publishers promoting inclusive books as well as keep up to date with those that we already follow on twitter, and every week I’m seeing something new and exciting. Things are moving forward. It makes me smile from ear to ear, when looking at T’s bookshelves, that I can count on two hands the amount of books that now feature diverse families, as well as challenge prejudice.

More recently, we found a book that did just that; challenge prejudice, and I can honestly say it’s one of our favourite books – if not within our Top 3!

Mixed: A Colourful Story

After one of those browsing sessions one night I found a new book that jumped out from the list immediately; Mixed: A Colourful Story. The book screamed ‘Graphic Novel’ and I was hooked. I wanted to know more.

In the beginning, there were three colors . . .

Reds, Yellows, and Blues.

All special in their own ways, all living in harmony―until one day, a Red says “Reds are the best!” and starts a color kerfuffle. When the colors decide to separate, is there anything that can change their minds?

This simple and incredibly charming story talks to the reader about prejudice, more specially; Racism. Through it’s bold illustrations the author takes you on a Romeo & Juliet-esque style journey and talks about the evolution of Racism and how quickly it can occur.

It couldn’t be more timely for today’s world, which is one of the reasons we currently adore this book. Everything about it is perfect.

From the illustrations to how straightforward the story is. It makes it easy for the reader to explain and digest. At the age of three T already understands the message and how unkind the reds are in this story and why.

Whilst we have no experience of racism, we still believe that it’s our responsibility to teach T about all forms of prejudice, including racism, and this book does just that. It’s easy reading and the comic-style graphics are fun to follow, which makes this book one you will no doubt pick up over and over again.

We highly recommend.

Image Credit: Life Uncut / @Life_Uncut

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  1. Plutonium Sox says:

    This sounds like a brilliant book! I might get it for my two. It reminds me a bit of the brown eyes / blue eyes experiment and other similar ones that show how easy it is for people to get swept along in the pack mentality.

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