A Micro Scooter Adventure: Our Favourite Places to Ride!

Last year, we immersed ourselves into the world of adult scooting as part of our new role as Micro Scooter Ambassadors. For the past year, Sharon has been using the Micro Classic Scooter to get to work as well on days out when the terrain is safe to do so. Before the scooter, Sharon would get the bus straight to her destination, whereas now Sharon get’s off a few stops early and rides the rest of the way!

One of her favourite activities to do with the scooter is ride on ahead of us, complete a 180 turn, and the ride back towards us as fast as she can – it’s like she’s a child again, but this time with an awesome ride! She is loving the thrill of the ride as well as the calories it burns!

Once the weather improves, we cannot wait to get back out with Sharon’s scooter – I may even give it another try myself! What’s going to make it extra sweet though is seeing T on his very own Micro Scooter. The Mini Micro Deluxe is our new addition thanks to the guys at Micro Scooter and has been fully reviewed here.

When we eventually get out and about, we already have a few firm favourite places to travel.

5 – Scooting to places.

Ok, not very specific, but hear me out. Although it’s great to get out and follow a circular route, it’s actually really fun scooting to your local coffee shop and then folding your scooter away next to you whilst you enjoy that cup of tea and slice a cake. If you’re tight on funds, why not scoot to the library or local museum – a lot of libraries these days have scooter and buggy parks for safe storage. If you need a few bits for dinner, whack on a rucksack and pop to the shop in less time than it would to walk.

Tip: Several of the Micro Scooters come with the opportunity to lock your scooter. Take advantage of this feature as some places don’t allow scooters inside! Better yet, purchase a carry strap.

4 – The Cuckoo Trail, Polegate, East Sussex.

Probably one of the larger routes due to the fact that you can join the route at different points, this wonderful scenic trail takes you past train tracks, rivers, and country paths, with the majority of the path being scooter friendly (other parts are little bumpy!).

This was one of our first journeys and over the past year we’ve joined the route at different stages depending on how long have to scoot.

3 – Seaford Seafront, East Sussex

Away from the hustle and bustle of Brighton is Seaford, a lovely little town in between Brighton and Eastbourne. In the typical seaside town, is also a lovely little prom where we’ve spent many evenings having a little scoot along whilst Oscar and the toddler play on the beach.

In the colder months the stones have a habit of coming up to the path, but in the midst of summer are lovely smooth paths to ride up and down, whilst also away from the main road. Plus, there’s free parking and a few local beach hut cafes to get an ice lolly from.

Tip: If you enter via Bishopstone, there’s a car park on the left. Walk from there for the smoothest journey.

2 – Saltdean to Rottingdean, Brighton, East Sussex.

Even before we scooted, the undercliff walk between Saltdean and Rottingdean has been a favourite of ours. Oscar enjoyed his first few walks here, not to mention T also experiencing his first few toddles. There’s something so fun about the place that we can’t stay away too long.

Whether it’s the wide paths, the variety of access points to the beach, or the fact that cyclists and pedestrians seem to get on – this route is one of the best routes to take if you’re scooting from the outskirts of Brighton to the city centre in the summer. The scenery around you is stunning and you can gain easy access via the local bus or by parking nearby for free.

Tip: For a similar, but short walk to Brighton, park up at Brighton Marina and ride from there to the Pier!

1 – Brighton Pier to Hove Lagoon

Probably my favourite route as it’s so incredibly flat, and when you reach Hove Lagoon you’re rewarded with a wonderful waterpark and cafe. If you’re feeling confident, there’s also a skate and scooter park on site. 

We met up with other Micro-Ambassadors here last year and it was a brilliant sight seeing all our scooters parked along the railings whilst we enjoyed ice creams on the green! Everyone chatted about their new (and old) rides and where they’ve enjoyed riding. There was also lots of talk about accessorising!

So there are our Top Five, but if you’d like find more safe places to ride your scooter, you can find them at the Micro Scooter website.

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74 thoughts on “A Micro Scooter Adventure: Our Favourite Places to Ride!

    • Kate Everall says:

      Dooooooo it!!!!!!! It’s so much fun. For you, it would make running so much easier! Haha!

  1. Wave to Mummy says:

    How cool you are their ambassadors! What a great collaboration 🙂 I’d take my daughter to ride in the park, she has been asking for her own scoooter forever now.

  2. Kate km says:

    My grandson would love to go to Cannock Chase and ride along all the paths through the forest

  3. LAURA MILTON says:

    My son would love to ride a scooter when dropping his big sister at school, he has a balance bike which he loves going in the woods with but it is caked in mud now haha!

  4. muminpractice says:

    We’d love one of these – Miss MIP would love to use it to scoot to school, the shops and pretty much everywhere possible! We have loads of lovely scooting trails round here in Hampshire but her current scooter is a bit old and rattley so she’d love a bit more freedom.

  5. James McLaughlin says:

    She would scoot everywhere if given the choice but to the park has to be her favourite place to scoot to. Love to win her this one as it’s way nicer than her current one.

  6. Claire Glace says:

    Great scooter and pics…many thanks, we would take it on summer hols to Devon and use for school runs.

  7. Clare says:

    My little girl would ride on the school run with her brothers – it might make it a little quicker if she had some wheels 🙂

  8. Chrissy Harris says:

    This looks fab! We live near a park which has a path running through it so it would be a great surface for my boy to ride the scooter on

  9. Alex Telford says:

    This would be great for the school run in the morning, my daughter is not the biggest fan of walking to drop off her brother to just turn around to walk back.

  10. Natalie Crossan says:

    I’m from Brighton too so I’m totally with you on the rottingdean one. It’s as if you park the car (on a sunny day that is) and you’ve arrived in Spain or something. Totally gorgeous and a fun walk always 🙂

  11. Sarah A says:

    He’s not had a scooter so we’d start small on a trip to the park that’s down the road & work up from there!

  12. Jennifer Bruce says:

    We live on the prom in Wirral which is where our daughter loves to go on her (outgrown) scooter all the time!

  13. Emma Smith says:

    We have a mini skate park in our local park that’s made with the smaller kids in mind – we’d definitely take this there

  14. Kirsty Caffrey says:

    We have a skate park not too far away which they are desperate to try ,,, this would be ideal for that x

  15. Helen Swales says:

    There’s a long quiet lane in our village that has a great smooth surface; the lane ends up at the river but you need to use a two way gate to get through so it’s very safe. It’s a great place to scoot.

  16. Jodie says:

    My wife and I need to get scooters so we can ride with our 2 year old son. Great family activity.

  17. Amanda says:

    They look awesome!! O has a two wheeled scooter, but he rarely uses it as he finds it so hard to balance 🙁 I’d love to try him on a micro scooter!

    We live opposite a Victorian Arboretum, which also happens to be right next to his school too, so we often go there for a walk around the park. It would be so much fun to let O scoot along the tree lines avenue 🙂

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