A Microscooter Adventure: First Impressions (Review) [AD]

As part of our new adventure as Microscooter Ambassors, Sharon has been testing out a new addition to the Microscooter collection: Adult scooting! Scooting to work 2-3 days a week for the past few weeks, Sharon has been putting the new mode of transport through it’s paces to see if scooting isn’t just for kids!

Before I start, I firmly and unequivocally want to make sure you’re aware that when it comes to scooting I am a complete beginner, so Sharon is very much in the… front seat?

Unlike Sharon, who is very adventurous and has no qualms about trying new activities and sports, I’m a little wobbly. I’ve never properly learnt to ride a bike confidently, although I’m pleased to say that I can snowboard. Sports are just not my thing.

So when we were very kindly offered the opportunity to review Miscroscooter’s new modes of transport for grown-ups I thought this might be a good opportunity to test something from both ends of the scale (and for once, testing something for us and not the toddler!).


Unlike the traditional Microscooter design, the Micro Flex Deluxe Scooter has a larger and more flexible deck, as well as larger wheels to take on the everyday bumps of the pavement. Perfect for commuting!

Other features include a kickstand, award winning swiss design, and a fibreglass and wood deck. The scooter also boasts not only the biggest wheels (200mm) of all the adult scooting range, but also the highest adjustable handlebars (103cm) – which makes it perfect for easy adaption between Sharon and I.

Getting it out of the box was simple, just unpack and unfold with their useful one-click design.

Our first scoot.

Our first ride took us to the Cuckoo Trail near Eastbourne, which is one of many scooting routes you can find on the Microscooter website. Although, if you can find a decent path you’re already half way there! Over the past few weeks, we’ve ventured along the Saltdean to Rottingdean undercliffe walk, Seaford prom, as well as to Hove Lagoon on the seafront where we met with loads of other Microscooter families.

Sharon also commutes to work which, if you’ve been to Brighton’s city centre, is a challenge and a half with busy streets and often uneven paths, however it’s not put people off commenting on how brilliant the scooter looks (not to mention how fun it looks!).

Initial thoughts on the microscooter…

Kate: For me, as someone who isn’t very confident, I found the Microscooter to be incredibly sturdy and supportive. I didn’t have to worry about whether it would take my weight (its limit is 15 stone – not that I’m that heavy) and because of the large wheels I didn’t worry that it was going to suddenly hit a stone and throw me off!

When I eventually got into motion it was something I’d never experienced before. I felt incredibly relaxed – although it did take me a while to get going properly (did I also mention I lack co-ordination?).

Sharon: I was super excited to get scooting. It’s been years since I’ve ridden a bike, let alone a scooter, so it was like I was kid again – but a big kid with my own adult sized one!

Not only is it fun, but you’re exercising at the same time without realising it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re young or old – it allows you to have fun on the go.

Over the few hours we were out and about our confidence really grew. Whilst I was gaining speed and distance, Sharon was doing full 360 turns on the path – commenting on how easy it was to manoeuvre.

Here’s a little video I created from the afternoon over on our Instagram stories...

Final thoughts…

It’s really not hard to see why children and grown ups enjoy travelling with Microscooters. The scooters are strong and sturdy and are easy to assemble. The designs are clean and tidy and are made of the best quality materials. They just don’t seem to age!

We can’t wait to find somewhere new to take the scooter, especially as T is quickly getting used to his scooter and is slowly catching up with Sharon us! Maybe one day I’ll take it out on my own and see where the scooter takes me (hopefully not to A&E).

We were sent a ‘Micro Flex Delux Scooter’ for the purpose of a review and as part of their Ambassadorship programme, however all thoughts and opinions are our own.

4 thoughts on “A Microscooter Adventure: First Impressions (Review) [AD]

  1. Sharon powell says:

    This looks brilliant! I don’t drive so would love one of these! Maybe when all the kids are at school/nursery I could get one 🙂

  2. Katie says:

    This looks such good fun. I love to regress to my childhood a bit sometimes. Although I never scooted so I’d be with Kate at the back! Xx

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