Everyday “Exercises”. 

I probably haven’t seen the inside of a gym since I fell pregnant and, in all honesty, I do miss it (I really do) as it gave me time between work and home to wind down. It also gave me a clean and energised feeling despite getting sweaty. I really enjoyed it.

Since having T I’ve recently realised that I actually do several “exercises” on a daily basis – or at least that’s what I tell myself when I’m on my second piece of cake.

The (dash-to-the-kitchen-for-tea-during-nap-time) Interval Run. Complete this 2-4 times a day for an all over body workout.

The (desperate-full-bladder) Stair Climb. Likely to also strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, this exercise will also work your thighs, bum, and tum.

The (up-hill-buggy) Bicep Extension. For an added workout, add a bag of shopping to the load as well as a full bladder.

The (quick!-grab-a-muslin) Tricep Extension.  For extra tone, add a cat refusing to move off the other end of the muslin.


The (other-end-of-the-sofa-forgotten-item) Leg Extension.  Adding a baby to your chest will add tone to your core muscles.

The (pick-up-washing-with-baby) Squat. Wet towels, and winter jumpers ready for storage will add an extra upper body workout.

The (washing-machine-load-with-baby) Lunge. With a phone, pair of socks, and back door keys in your pocket, it’ll add some extra bruising toning to your thighs.

After the work out, cool down is vital – so I make sure I grab my nearest desert-based product from the fridge.

What are your daily “exercises”?


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