The Massage Company, Tunbridge Wells (Review) [AD – Press Trip]

Last week, I was invited to The Massage Company in Tunbridge Wells to try out their new branch which has recently opened. Seeing as Tunbridge Wells isn’t that far from where we are, I thought I’d drop T off with his nana on one of my days off and treat myself. Plus, I’d never had a massage before – which is apparently quite odd – so this was a whole new experience!

I’ve always wanted to have a massage, however it’s not really something Sharon would want to do as a couple and the thought of a stranger touching me made me a little anxious; so I’ve never really got round to having one myself. Plus, I didn’t actually know you could get massages outside of the ‘Spa Day’ or Hotel Stay, however The Massage Company changes this. They believe in having regular massages as a form of therapy to help with stress or aid recovery.

The Massage Company

Opening in 2016 in Camberley, The Massage Company believe in making massage part of a person’s routine, like you would with exercise. More often than not, massages are expensive (and therefore occasional) meaning your body doesn’t feel the full affect compared to having regular massages. The Massage Company want to make massages more mainstream and more accessible, by making them value for money – which is something I’ve never seen before.

Although I was a little anxious at first, as soon as I walked into the reception I felt immediately relaxed and less nervous. I was taken through a brief health questionnaire because it was my first visit and guided through what will happen during my time with them. Staff were so friendly and welcoming, and made me feel at ease. We joked about the fact that I’d never had a massage before (which they found very strange), but understood my reasoning. They then explained the benefits of massage, which was really interesting!

As well as any health issues, the questionnaire also asked me about what sort of massage I wanted or whether there were areas I needed to work on. Seeing as I’d never had one before I just went for the Deep Tissue massage, however there are lots of other massages available; from Maternity Massages to Sports Massages. There are also extras that you can add onto your massage such as Hot Stones!

When you book your massage, you’re given the option of a male or female therapist. I decided to go with a male therapist as I knew no different! I will likely go back, so next time I’ll book a female therapist to compare. For this massage, I was introduced to my masseuse Tony; who made me feel very relaxed. He walked me through the process and what was going to happen.

From the outside, the centre looks quite spacious due to the light and bright decor, however it’s not until you make your way downstairs that you realise how big the place is! Walking to our room, we walked past several other doors and treatment rooms. It was like a Tardis. Thinking about booking again, it reassured me to know that there wouldn’t be a long waiting list to see someone if I needed a massage.

Arriving at our room, we went through my health form and Tony confirmed what we would be doing. I was then invited to get undressed (once Tony had left the room) and make my way under the covers. The bed in which the massage takes place is perfectly heated and the lighting is on low with calming, ambient music on in the background. During the massage you’re undressed down to your underwear, but you’re covered by a thick sheet and blanket. At no point are you exposed. If you do need to move onto your front or back, its very carefully done so your masseuse doesn’t actually see anything.

I went in completely blind with Tony, so I didn’t really know what needed the most attention, however I did advise on my questionnaire that my back and neck likely needed some work. I had no idea, however, on what pressure I would be able to take. Throughout the massage, Tony regularly asked whether the pressure was comfortable, which was reassuring. Whilst part of this is about relieving tension, it’s also meant to be relaxing.

The massage lasted around an hour, and once Tony had finished he left the room for me to get dressed again. I then met him outside with a glass of water. It’s apparently really important to drink water after your massage (something I’m terrible at doing!). During our walk back to reception he advised that the top of my back and base of my neck needed work, which was evident by the amount of knots he found! He also gave me some advice as to how often I would need to have a massage.

The whole experience was incredibly relaxing, and although the full effect takes place 2-3 days after the massage, I could already feel a huge amount of difference in my neck and back. It’s as if I felt lighter! I certainly left on cloud 9 but also felt really motivated.

When you book at The Massage Company, you sign up to pay by monthly direct debit, however the massage cost is actually reduced if you sign up for the year. With membership, you can also book massages in whenever you like (you can book up until 8pm!). There’s also the option as a member to pass massages onto family and friends – which is such a wonderful gift. Plus! Your first massage is under £40 as part of their introductory offer.

Before attending The Massage Company, I had no idea what to expect. I had only seen massages as part of a spa package, so not really something you would find on your highstreet. They always looked incredibly expensive, and as someone who is a little larger I worried about my size and what it would be like. I’ll admit, I was a little self-conscious before. The Massage Company, however, has put my mind at ease – they’ve made it incredibly easy (and affordable) to find and get a massage and I would definitely recommend giving it a go. It’s certainly made getting a massage more ‘normal’ and I will absolutely be booking again!

I was invited for a complimentary massage in exchange for an honest review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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