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The Breastfeeding Chronicles – Expressing

Now that T is over 6 weeks, I’ve started to express properly now. There’s no particular reason why as I still intend on breastfeeding, I just feel it would be benefical to have a stash in the freezer in case all of a sudden I can’t feed. There’s also the occasions where S and I fancy may fancy

Days Out – The Sussex Pregnancy & Family Baby Show – Favourite Stalls – Review

***Click here if you would like to read about our visit*** There were so many lovely stalls at this year’s show that it’s hard to compile a list, but here are the ones that stuck out for us:- Oloves  – Olove make cute little snack packets of olives, perfect for lunches – especially as the

Days Out – The Sussex Pregnancy & Family Baby Show – Review

On Sunday 31st May, me and S (and of course T) were invited to attend the Sussex Pregnancy and Baby Show at Brighton Racecourse. A few years ago we had attended a similar baby show, maybe the same, at Brighton Racecourse but it was much smaller. This one, however, was so much bigger! I was

The Breastfeeding Chronicles – Feeding On The Go

It’s hard enough learning how to breastfeed in the first few weeks without the thought of having to then do it outside. At home you have the comfort of being able to whip your boob out without wandering eyes. You don’t have to worry about what clothes to wear, where to sit, or even about

2 Month Update

T is now 8 weeks old, almost 2 months! He has been on this planet 56 days! It doesn’t sound like long, and it isn’t really, but when you think about the changes that have occurred in that time it feels like time is really flying by and that T is growing up so quickly.

Our Newborn Photoshoot

Following our maternity photo shoot a few months ago, we knew we’d also want to do newborn photos once T arrived. We loved what Megan had done with my bump so of course we wanted Megan to work with T. Megan arrived a few days after T was born. We were advised to make sure