37w -

DeCaf says:

You’re so close. 🙂

lesbemums says:

I know… so close and yet so far – these few weeks are going to draaaaaaaaag!!

wtfovaries says:

Cute bump!!! I bet it feels good to be considered ‘full term’!! I can’t wait to get to 37 weeks for that reason!

chickletsmums says:

I also thought that at 37 weeks it’d be another 3-5 but she arrived the next week so you never know! Good luck !

lesbemums says:

Oh my! That would be amazing! Fingers crossed! X

Almost there friend!!!! So excited for you and woo hoo for being an leave finally. I know that I loved every second of it!

lesbemums says:

Thank you my lovely! I really can’t wait to meet the little one now.

Maternity leave is going well so far, haven’t gone stir crazy yet.

Hope all is well at your end. Xx

icegemz says:

I remember my first weeks of maternity leave, I took the chance to re-watch grey’s anatomy and bulk-cook and freeze dinners for the next month or so. If you have time or energy give it a go. You’ll both be so happy not to have to cook!
Fingers crossed you don’t have to wait too long for your little one to make an entrance!

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