I am officially full term according to most baby apps and sites, however I’m not going to put my hopes up and expect them to be on time so I expect I’ll be cooking this baby for another 3-5 weeks.

The biggest update I have is that I am now on maternity leave! I never thought the day would come and I would forever be going to work, but it’s come – I am off on leave awaiting the arrival of beansprout/fidget (we’ve come to calling baby this as they don’t ever seem to stop moving, apart from after meals).

As well as my last day, I can report the following:-

I went to the midwife the other week complaining about pain in where I can only describe the public bone, y’know the bone right at the front. The pain comes and goes, appears at random, and feels like the bone is breaking or at least having a lot of pressure applied to it – I can only compare it to when I cracked my coccyx snowboarding but at the front instead. I didn’t know what it was, and at times it scared me as it often stopped me dead in my tracks, however the midwife said it’s likely that I now have SPD. Great. This has, however, replaced the sciatic pain I had.

Moans and Groans
Everything now requires an accompaniment of huffs, puffs, moans, and groans. I now can’t help but make a noise when I climb stairs, put shoes on, get out of the car, or even get off the sofa. I actually feel a physical weight on my front that I have to prepare myself to lift.

Baby’s Position
Baby is apparently “head down” although not engaged. This could apparently change daily but midwife is feeling positive that that can get themselves into that position.

All of the Leaks
Boobs are regularly leaking clear liquid now – I really hope this is a good sign and that I’ll be able to breastfeed. I’m going to wait until at least 38w before I start fiddling, as this can apparently bring on labour, but I won’t work them too much as I don’t want to lose any important nutrients saved for fidget.

Sleep is still a mystical being that I get to see every now and again. After my spate of hip pain, I actually went back to normal and slept through the night, however out of nowhere I suddenly went back to sleepless nights where my hip pain returned and my bladder requite regular emptying. I only imagine that this was down to a change in fidget’s position.

Finally… the 37w Bump
Bump is a life of it’s own and often doesn’t stop moving. I also now have to wash up at an angle as I can’t properly reach the sink without getting it wet if I stand head on with the sink.

Bump Photo
I haven’t really done bump photos apart from when it’s snuck in a random photo, plus I wanted to combine them all as one giant timeline once fidget arrives, however I can’t help but share this. I imagine it’s only going to get bigger, but incase it doesn’t seeing as I’m apparently “full term” here’s a comparison between 9w and now (37w)…

I don’t have a zip line going up my belly, nor do I have an outie but I still think it’s a pretty awesome bump, and kudos to my stretch maternity vest. I think I’m actually going to miss having a bump.


8 thoughts on “37w

  1. wtfovaries says:

    Cute bump!!! I bet it feels good to be considered ‘full term’!! I can’t wait to get to 37 weeks for that reason!

  2. chickletsmums says:

    I also thought that at 37 weeks it’d be another 3-5 but she arrived the next week so you never know! Good luck !

    • lesbemums says:

      Thank you my lovely! I really can’t wait to meet the little one now.

      Maternity leave is going well so far, haven’t gone stir crazy yet.

      Hope all is well at your end. Xx

  3. icegemz says:

    I remember my first weeks of maternity leave, I took the chance to re-watch grey’s anatomy and bulk-cook and freeze dinners for the next month or so. If you have time or energy give it a go. You’ll both be so happy not to have to cook!
    Fingers crossed you don’t have to wait too long for your little one to make an entrance!

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