Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a safe (and Merry) Christmas.

Our Christmas was quite a tame one. With a strict budget we weren’t able to properly spoil each other as usual but I was still really happy with the presents I was able to give to S. Likewise, I was over the moon with what I got. Christmas dinner was delicious (because S cooked it) and we were even able to go for our traditional Christmas day walk with the boy.

S was given a selfie stick as a present from one of her work colleagues so that made a regular appearance over Christmas and New Years. It’s really fun and we were able to capture some really nice family pictures (with everyone in it) that usually get cut in half due to my T-REX arms. Even taking ones with just myself and S made a huge difference as we were able to get nice backgrounds in.

It was a bit depressing watching S eat lots of Brie and Pate, and drink our favourite Wine and Cider (I didn’t want S to miss out) over the Christmas period but I still had a lovely time – honest! We watched lots of films as well as played a ton of board games! As I said, it was nice and quiet which is probably best as the next few months are going to be hectic to say the least.

We saw my family on the 27th which is becoming a nice tradition – next year, however, we will definitely be having our family get together at my mums house as there will be 3 little ones around and our house certainly won’t be able to handle it.

New Years was pretty much the same as Christmas; we relaxed with films and nibbles and saw the New Year in with the London riverbank fireworks on the telly. I was quite impressed that I lasted MUCH longer than S – I don’t know where all my energy came from – she was pretty much passed out at 10:30pm until I prodded her at 11:50pm for the countdown.

We haven’t gone out for New Years in quite some time and to be honest I don’t ever plan to – it’s too damn expensive and I find you expect/assume a lot more will happen than what you actually get. Everywhere is too busy and there are always idiots out and about by midnight so we thoroughly enjoy just staying at home.

We don’t do resolutions these days – we find they put too much pressure on you and they’re usually broken by March/April. Like Valentines, if you want to put yourself to something then just do it – don’t wait for New Years to prompt you to do it. So, instead of resolutions we think of the things we’re looking forward to or already have planned, and then plan around them to make the year even better. These usually include up and coming holidays, days out, birthdays, or stuff to do around the house and garden.

This year, apart from the obvious addition to the family which is going to take up a lot of our spare time for the first few months, we’re also looking forward to:-

Becoming aunties again – Not only is our best friend is pregnant with their second, but my sister is currently 19w pregnant.

Converting our Civil Partnership – This is something we’ve thrown around in our heads for a while as we weren’t sure whether it was all worth it, especially as we had no idea what the conversion really meant and what the differences were, but reading up on it its certainly something that we’d like to do even just for the chance to tick “married” instead of “Civil Partnership” on documents.

S taking my surname – This was never a big deal in my eyes, children have different surnames all the time, but S was quite keen on Beansprout having the same name as both of us. I was happy for Beansprout to take S’s surname so that they can have a piece of both of us but S didn’t fancy that either. So after months of debating, as well as thinking of ways of hyphenating or creating fun new names (usually quite comical ones) it came down to S deciding that she is going to take my surname sometime this year.

Baby Show – February will hopefully see us visiting our third Baby Show… if I can make it. We’ll hopefully be visiting with my sister.

Blogger Meet Up – This is something that regularly gets thrown around but doesn’t always happen, however I’d really like to either attend one or arrange one.

Of course, over the next few months, other days out and events will happen that we’ll share on here – not to mention product reviews – but at least for now we already have things to look forward to. 2015 looks pretty awesome. What are you planning?


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  1. AndiePants says:

    We don’t do resolutions either. Instead we make “intention boards” emerge we find images and words that we want to be a part of our life and to focus on for the year. Sounds like you have some exciting events coming up for your last little bit before babe!

    • lesbemums says:

      That sounds wonderful! What a lovely idea. That sounds so much better than a resolution – no pressure!
      We’re hoping to also create a jar or something to put that years events (ticket stubs, etc) and memories in so we can open it at new years and go through that year. Not sure how long that will last though 😉

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