T’s Reads: Book Advent Calendar – Week Four & Ideas to Create Your Own!

Christmas has now come and gone, which means T’s book advent has come to a close. This was our first year of doing a book advent after first hearing about it from Al at The Dad Network, and I must say it was really fun.

I really enjoyed us reading T a new book every night, and T was just happy to get a piece of chocolate every night! On his last night, Christmas Eve, we even added an extra special gift to his present – pyjamas!

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T’s Reads: Book Advent Calendar – Week Three

With only 4 more sleeps until Christmas, December has officially flown by. T’s crate is now almost empty and we’re undecided whether to keep the crate out for the year and find toys or books to keep in it, or dedicate it just for the book advent.


His last book advent, on Christmas Eve, will have an extra gift tucked alongside the book – keep an eye out for next week’s post to see what we’ve included. If you missed last week, you can find this here.

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T’s Reads: Book Advent Calendar – Week Two

This week seems to have flown by, with the main theme being either Pip & Posy or the Happy Families series. T has now got very good at identifying which book is which at the moment just by feeling them – which is how we’ve managed to get so many of the same the same books!

I’m going to be sad when the book advent finally finishes as it’s been such a nice way to end the day. Although we’ll always have our bedtime story, it’s been lovely watching him get excited about a brand new book every day.

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T’s Reads: Book Advent Calendar – Week One

This year, we’ve decided to do T a book advent instead of a chocolate advent calendar. It’s something we were introduced to last year and thought it was a lovely idea. Don’t get us wrong, T still enjoys a little chocolate treat in the form of a chocolate coin in with the book (we’re not that strict), but it means we have something to show for our cash.

Although a book advent is a little bit more expensive than (some of) your high street chocolate advent calendars, it’s not as expensive as you would think. There’s actually a ton of places that do deals on bundles of books, plus, there’s always charity shops!

Every week I’m going to be sharing the books T has found in his advent calendar – I’d love to know if you’ve read some of these!

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New Traditions. 

This year will be T’s first Christmas, and our first Christmas as a family. 

We are SO excited. 

Although we’ve always enjoyed Christmas for the time we have off together, the food, the general merriment, we’re fully aware that Christmas is primarily a children’s holiday. 

Now T is here, S is in her element. Christmas is her favourite time of year and she has so many plans to make Christmas as exciting for T as can be. Although we’ve agreed not to go mad this year present-wise; after all, T has NO idea what’s going on, we’re still going to make a start on some new Christmas traditions. 

Tradition 1 – Buy new pyjammas for Christmas Eve so T can wake up in new pyjammas. Later on this will expand to a Christmas Eve box that will contain a Christmas DVD, new book, snack pot, and drink so the mums can have a lay in!

Tradition 2 – Set out a special plate on Christmas Eve (which has already been bought!) containing a mince pie, baileys (that’s our Santa’s favourite), and a carrot. 

Tradition 3 – Buy a new Christmas Day jumper for us, and a smart outfit for T. 

Tradition 4 – Take a family photo every Christmas Day.

Tradition 5 – Buy a new Christmas decoration for the tree each year. This year, we’re going to buy the traditional ‘Baby’s first Christmas’ bauble. 

It’s likely over the years we’ll create more traditions and start the ones that have waited for T to become old enough: such as stockings, but so far we’re pretty happy with these ones. 

What Christmas traditions do you have in your family?

Days Out – Enchanted Lewes

Once we enter December (and not a moment before!), I immediately start to prepare for Christmas. I love it. I love the music, the themed drinks, the jumpers. I love how my local city centre is decorated, and how the neighbour’s have a decoration war every year.

I. Love. Christmas.

December is also the month Sharon and I got together! So when I was invited to visit the location where we got civil partnered, and then married, to view it not only at night, but covered in decorative lights, I couldn’t say no. 

From the 2nd December to the 13th December, ‘Enchanted Lewes’ are at Southover Grange, Lewes as part of an art exhibit called ‘A Christmas Wish’ showing various projections and light displays by local artists.

As part of the invitation, I attended Southover Grange when it opened at 4:30 and had a slow walk around the grounds on a set path. I wasn’t there long before I was hit by creative lighting and sounds capturing the senses. The atmosphere was really relaxing and the gardens looked stunning at night.

Walking around on my own and on a set path meant that I was able to take my time and take everything in and not miss a thing, although I didn’t quite understand some of pieces at times (that’s not to say someone else won’t). I also, personally, couldn’t see the link to ‘Christmas’ as mentioned in the advert, although it did have a winter feel that made me want to grab a glass of mulled wine! Nevertheless, it was still an impressive sight.

T seemed to really enjoy going out at night and was constantly looking around, especially by the ever changing display on the house.

Even when we were walking through the wooded areas, there were sounds coming from the displays further on that caught T’s attention.



If you’re in the area, I’d definitely pay the exhibit a visit (it’s buggy friendly). Listening to the older children walking around, they were clearly mesmerised by lights and effects so I would say it’s something for older children as well, or if you have a particular interest in local art.


We were offered free entry into the exhibit for the purpose of a review. Ticket price for me would have been £10. More details can be found here