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Our Guide to saving money (and time!) this Christmas [AD]

O2 has recently put together a wishlist of top Christmas gifting tips (ranging from savings to best times to buy); and I thought I’d add to this by adding my best Christmas gift ideas, planning, and saving recommendations based on our own past experiences.  In 2019, the average UK adult spent £1,116 on Christmas presents.

Step Into Christmas with Boots [AD]

Around this time of year, Sharon and I will start thinking about Christmas and any prep that comes with it. Thankfully, I married a woman who is good at adding bits to her shopping basket throughout the year or spotting online deals, so when it comes to buying presents we have most of what we

T’s Reads: Book Advent Calendar 2018 – Week Four & (Cheap) Places to Find Books!

By the time you’re reading this, it’s likely to be Christmas Day (or later! Thanks for reading, anyway!) and our Book Advent will be over. Just like last year, we’ve had fun finding new books for T and hope to continue this for years to come. As he gets older though, story books may become

T’s Reads: Book Advent Calendar 2018 – Week Three

Just like the rest of the world, I cannot believe how fast December has gone. I thought having a lot of our Christmas shopping done early December would have meant December would have been a bit more chilled, but alas, the month clearly has other plans!  This is probably the last time where we will

T’s Reads: Book Advent Calendar 2018 – Week Two

Another week, another week of book advents completed. I’ve actually now forgotten what books we’ve bought T, so it’s now become bit of a surprise for us too!  If you haven’t read what we found during our first week, you can read about this here. This week has been really fun. We’ve had a lovely

A Lego Themed Santa’s Grotto at Churchill Square, Brighton! (Review) [AD – Press Trip]

This week, we were invited to see this year’s Christmas Grotto at Churchill Square Shopping Centre, Brighton, as well as pay a visit to see the Big Guy in Red himself. We weren’t really planning on taking T to see another Father Christmas (mainly because we haven’t planned for the awkward more-than-one-Father-Christmas? questions) but when