A Lego Themed Santa’s Grotto at Churchill Square, Brighton!

This week, we were invited to see this year’s Christmas Grotto at Churchill Square Shopping Centre, Brighton, as well as pay a visit to see the Big Guy in Red himself.

We weren’t really planning on taking T to see another Father Christmas (mainly because we haven’t planned for the awkward more-than-one-Father-Christmas? questions) but when we found out what the theme for this year’s Grotto was I thought I’d take a chance with the potential questions and pay the centre a visit. 

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Days Out: Booth Museum of Natural History, Brighton.

Last week, I decided to take T to one of the cheaper local attractions in Brighton; the Booth Museum of Natural History. I hadn’t been in years, probably not since my college days as I only went to college down the road, and T probably hasn’t been old enough before, and seeing as it was coming to the end of month I thought I’d give it a go.

The Booth Museum is one of the quirkier treasures of Brighton and is also one of the few FREE places to visit in Brighton, which is handy for if you’re stuck for things to do on a rainy afternoon before or after the school run. It isn’t the biggest of venues, however for a curious toddler or an older child who may be doing a school project or likes looking at rare animals – this is the place. There’s lots to see!

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Brighton: Department Store for the Mind.

Last week, I was invited to the Department Store for the Mind, which is a new pop-up shop for Brighton just for the Christmas period. Based in Trafalgar Street, Brighton (just down the road from the station) it’s a gorgeous little shop for those that wish to seek out some calm and mindfulness.

Now, before you think this shop is going to be full of tea leaves and yoga – it isn’t. It’s actually a really funky shop full of fun stuff life stationery, mugs, artwork, socks, and even chocolate brownies! Certainly when I was having a look around it got my Hygge radar going!

The shop boasts work by different professionals or artists and is displayed in separate areas per creator. You can definitely spot the changes in theme – whether it’s a change in colour or writing style – but I like this as I was allowed to be drawn to a particular style or design as soon as I walked in.

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Ten Things To Do in Brighton, Even in the Winter. 

Brighton is and always will be one of the go to places for tourists. With it’s sandy pebble beaches and crystal clear murky waters, you’ll have a tough time thinking of anywhere better to spend your summer. But as the rain rolls in with the increasing waves, Brighton gets given back to the residents in the winter and often becomes a ghost town when it comes to tourists. The students go home and Brighton is forgotten about for another season.

But unlike other seaside locations, Brighton is actually still business is usual. With shops remaining open and the pier still in full swing. If you’re lucky, you may even still get robbed of your doughnut by a seagull the size of an ostrich.

So if you’re stuck on what to do one blustery day, remember that your favourite seaside city still has plenty of things to do with the family in the winter. Here are a few of our favourites:

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Things to do in Brighton on a Budget. 

A T get’s older, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to find new places to go as well as places that are relatively cheap still. Although T is free most of the time, he’s slowly entering that danger zone of not being free anymore! I’ve also been quite lucky that folk haven’t challenged him/me as some days he certainly doesn’t look two!

Sadly, a lot of places that T would probably enjoy now do cost, and sometimes quite a lot! At first, £3-£5 isn’t much, but do that 2-3 times a month on my day off, plus parking at some places and petrol, the cost soon ads up! I’m always on the look out for, lets face it, a freebie.

We’re lucky enough to be able to afford our yearly national trust; which means we can visit places as many times as we like without the need for extra cash, but sometimes we just want something a bit more local or something that doesn’t require a whole day. Living close to Brighton means there’s always something on, whether it’s a festival or exhibition, and a lot of the time these events are free – but there’s also a ton of other things to do if you decide to randomly rock up one day unplanned.

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Jungle Boogie with Disco Yoga at Brighton Harbour Hotel

Last weekend, we were invited to an event called ‘Jungle Boogie’ at the Brighton Harbour Hotel on Brighton seafront. Jungle Boogie is part of the Disco Yoga group, but this time tailoring a class just for kids!

Having only ever done one yoga class in my lifetime; which was a challenge in itself, I was interested to see how this would differ, especially if it made yoga a lot easier!

Advertised as a “Playful Yoga Class”, the class takes kids on a fun journey into the jungle using various yoga moves as they travel through the story. There’s also help from additional sound, music, movement, and play – building on confidence, co-ordination and balance.

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