Brighton: Department Store for the Mind.

Last week, I was invited to the Department Store for the Mind, which is a new pop-up shop for Brighton just for the Christmas period. Based in Trafalgar Street, Brighton (just down the road from the station) it’s a gorgeous little shop for those that wish to seek out some calm and mindfulness.

Now, before you think this shop is going to be full of tea leaves and yoga – it isn’t. It’s actually a really funky shop full of fun stuff life stationery, mugs, artwork, socks, and even chocolate brownies! Certainly when I was having a look around it got my Hygge radar going!

The shop boasts work by different professionals or artists and is displayed in separate areas per creator. You can definitely spot the changes in theme – whether it’s a change in colour or writing style – but I like this as I was allowed to be drawn to a particular style or design as soon as I walked in.

A moment of calm

When the toddler and I arrived we were welcomed with the smell of fresh hot chocolate (a feature that will remain throughout their stay! Who doesn’t love free hot chocolate?) and pastries and were invited to have a look around the shop. It was a really miserable day so I was happy to find somewhere so warm and inviting. T tucked into his snacks and I managed a few moments of calm to browse.

I instantly fell in love with a few of the prints dotted around on the walls as well as a journal (or two) that were stored in lovely tins. There was also an array of books dotted around that assisted with mental health and how you can cope, as well as lots of motivational pieces.

Despite the weather, we actually had a really lovely day today. Starting with a visit to the @storeforthemind #Brighton – a pop up shop for calm and mindfulness – I managed to browse quite calmly whilst the toddler stuffed his chops with pastries. There was even hot chocolate being served. It’s a beautiful shop, full of motivational objects that challenge your way of thinking (for me I found a few bits to assist with anxiety). From journals to artwork, mugs and tea towels, to postcards and stationery. It’s a lovely addition to Brighton and is open until #Christmas Eve! I purchased a few bits and was very kindly gifted a goody bag full of lovely bits. Highly worth a visit! You can find them here: #deptstoreforthemind #storeforthemind

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Relaxation Space

We were then invited downstairs to create our own thoughtful mug, but as I was with the toddler I knew that as soon as I put ink to ceramic he would want to join in and the mood would be lost – so instead I enjoyed watching others take part. This is where I managed to finally meet a few of my favourite locals Natasha and Bridget!

After finishing the hot chocolate and learning more about the downstairs space, which offers a slow shopping guide and relaxation areas, I decided to head back upstairs and finish some shopping. This is where I bought a print and two fun cards ready for framing later. I was also kindly gifted a goody bag which contained another one of my favourite prints!

I would certainly recommend visiting the Department Store for the Mind if you’re in Brighton Christmas shopping. It has a wonderful selection of thoughtful gifts that I would be chuffed to find in my stocking.

The Department Store for the Mind is open everyday until 6pm and is trading until Christmas Eve! 

We were invited along to an opening event of the pop-up shop and gifted a goody bag for attending, however there was no requirement to share our experience on our blog.
All thoughts and opinions our are own. 

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