8 weeks to go, people! 8 WEEKS! As I was reminded this week by the lovely Andie over at The Gayby Project, we’re in single digit weeks! The third trimester is in full swing and, as Andie has mentioned, there’s no line being crossed now but at the same time, this single little figure is what now stands between us and beansprout. I don’t know where these last few weeks/months have gone but they sure have flown by – I still remember waiting, like it was yesterday, for our 12w scan. If 12w can pass relatively quick then so will these 8 weeks! That is not long!

There’s been several changes in my body, some in this week alone…

I really don’t look forward to bed time now thanks to the awful pain in my hips. I get to bed and end up waking a few hours later with pain on the side I’ve been laying on. I turn over, go back to sleep (after a wee break) but then wake almost an hour or so later with same pain but on the side I turned over to! Sometimes, if I wake a few times the pain from the first side hasn’t subdued yet. I don’t sleep on my back as this hurts my back so I have to put up with it.

My pregnancy pillow has certainly helped with getting used to sleeping on my side (I was a tummy sleeper) and it’s kept my belly supported, but there doesn’t seem to be anything for my hips. I know it’s due to the sheer weight of beansprout now, not to mention my hips getting ready for birth, but its really frustrating.

When people told me that you’ll have funky dreams when pregnant I didn’t think too much of it as I’m a pretty vivid dreamer and can often recall a dream several hours after waking. I didn’t think my dreams could get any funkier or any more vivid – but they can. The dreams don’t link in to that day or even anything I’ve seen recently, they are completely random. On top of this, I then wake up feeling exhausted because my brain has been working overdrive running from something or just being in a state of shock throughout the dream. I will get round to recalling my top 5 sometime as some have been hilarious, some not so. I just wish I’d put a pad of paper nearby to write all of them down – they really have been a whole new world.

Sudden pain
Whether it’s at the base of my spine, my rump, or even round the front (if you know what I mean) – I’m getting random shooting pains striking when it bloody well feels like it. I don’t do anything to bring it on, it just happens. In the shower, when I’m washing up, and even when I’m out, it just happens. I was out in town this weekend with S when my back suddenly went. After a loud cry and everyone turning to look at me like my waters had gone, it went away and I managed to walk on by. It was so embarrassing!

My boobs have officially started leaking. I noticed this morning before showering that my nips seems rather shiny. Thinking it was just water from the shower I dried them only to find more liquid appearing. It’s certainly nothing milky yet but it’s certainly starting.

Not a new thing, I know, but kicks are now full on thumps and often turn my whole belly into a disco. I get more “rubbing” sensations now as if beansprout is turning over and their elbow/head/bum is rubbing against the inside of my belly. It means I often see a lump move across my belly like a wave as apposed to sudden little jolts. It’s pretty awesome.

On top of this, I also see limbs appear when applying my bump cream. All I have to do is gently lift my belly skin to apply the cream and out of nowhere will be a little limb. Releasing my belly then flops my skin over the limb – it makes all this seem very real.

I’m in full nesting mode now. I don’t just want to clean (although I do this too), I want to do the little odd jobs around the house like clear out old CD’s and DVD’s for charity, sort out photo albums that needed sorting, even shred old paperwork. If it’s not perfect, it’s being attacked.

So thats where I am at the moment. S is hoping to write a few posts about how things have been for her during this pregnancy, which I imagine will be a funny story.
I’m also planning to review a couple of pregnancy-related items for the sake of assisting others with their purchases or certainly letting people know what I thought of them – they’re not sponsored posts by any means, I’m just thinking of different things to write about; especially if it means helping others decide what to buy.


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    • lesbemums says:

      Hello bump buddy! 30w! Thats aweosme! It’s crazy how time flies!
      I probably wont be saying that though when we get closer, it’ll probably drag.


  1. Becca says:

    How exciting! I had horrible hip pain, but the good news is it goes away pretty quickly (I can’t remember if it happened right after birth or not- pregnancy amnesia is real). I did a review of products for baby 0-3 months and it was a popular post, I plan to do it every 3 months, so I definitely recommend doing one for pregnancy products. They are very helpful to others.

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