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A New Year, A New Resolution

Every year, I have refused to make New Year’s resolutions. I felt that they didn’t work and by March I would have either broken them or forgotten about them. They were unrealistic/unachievable resolutions such as “I will travel more”, or they were so stupid even I was kidding myself when I made them. Anyway, this

2013… It’s Almost At An End

Well, it’s that time of year again, when we stuff our faces full of indulgent foods and wines, not to mention the endless amount of chocolate, and once this time of year comes round we know it’s not long until we can box up the last 12 months and hide it away in a dark

Review – Abel & Cole

If you’ve not heard of Abel & Cole, they are a company that provide organic food to your doorstep.  Knowing about Abel & Cole for a few years via friends, they were just a fruit and vegetable company, however following significant growth they now do other produce such as meat, dairy and eggs. What I

1 Year On…

It saddens me to realize that we are coming up to a year from when we first started trying for a baby, and we still don’t have a baby. Although we have only really had 6 “successful” tries, by this I mean when D has shown up at the right time of my cycle, we

Thinking Outside the TTC Box.

So after the stress of our last cycle and finally getting a BFN after a rather delayed AF; which sent our hopes through the roof, S and I have painfully decided to start our TTC journey again next year. It’s really painful to say the words “next year” but it’s not that far away, and deep down

The Fertility Show – London Olympia – 2013 – Our Visit

On Sunday 3rd November, S and I; as well as our good friend, went to The Fertility Show in London’s Olympia. We decided to go as we wanted to take the opportunity to get some tips relating to fertility as well as seeing if professionals could give us some advice in regards to TTC. I’m