A New Year, A New Resolution

Every year, I have refused to make New Year’s resolutions. I felt that they didn’t work and by March I would have either broken them or forgotten about them. They were unrealistic/unachievable resolutions such as “I will travel more”, or they were so stupid even I was kidding myself when I made them.

Anyway, this year, I have decided to make some but make them specific and somewhat achievable (they’ve got to be a challenge right? I can’t be making it too easy otherwise it’s not a resolution). They may not sound inspiring or at all interesting but they mean something to me. So this year, my 2014 resolutions are:-

  1. My most important one… Don’t plan my life around having a baby. Last year, I decided not to go for a new role within my job because I assumed I would have fallen pregnant, which meant I would have gone straight to ‘light duties’ which is a dick move when starting a new role. Sadly, however, I didn’t fall pregnant and I didn’t get a new role within my job either. (another dick move). This year, I intend to go for new opportunities and if I fall pregnant then so be it. S has also agreed to put the baby making to one side when booking holidays, for example, if we fall pregnant then so be it.
  2. Expand my cooking experience. I class myself as quite a good cook and a decent baker (not great when I’m dieting) but I find that I’m sticking to the same meals over and over again. Next year, I aim to try a new receipe at least once a week to not only expand on skills but to try new foods. Our Abel & Cole deliveries have already assisted us on this (who knew Courgettes were actually nice?) but the way we cook needs to change (If the baby making isn’t going as planned, please expect to see random tweets about food).
  3. Improve my general fitness. I don’t intend on running a marathon, but continuing to improve my fitness is always something that I want to achieve. I shall be restarting this via MyFitnessPal (I gave myself a little break over Christmas) you can join us by adding myself and/or S as a friend.
  4. Read. Last year, I really got into reading again. I mean, seriously into it. It was never that I didn’t like reading, I just found better things to do when really; now that I’m reading again, reading was always the better option. I read all three The Hunger Games in a month and I was addicted. I’m currently reading the Harry Potter books and next year I intend to mix it up with all the Game of Thrones books (thanks to S) and a few autobiographies.
  5. Improve my time keeping. Simple, right? No. Although I always give myself a good 2 hours to get ready to go out; I always seem to find something to do – whether it’s washing up or a “quick” walk with the boy. Either way, I’m then late, not massively I must add, but enough to get flustered and annoyed.
  6. Finally, speak and visit friends more often. S and I have a close bunch of friends that we speak to and see regularly, however we have a ton of other friends that we only see via the means of Facebook or if we see them in town. This isn’t great. We have been blessed, for one of a better word, to have these people in our lives so why are we not keeping in touch with them? Facebook assists us and we are lucky that we live in a generation of social media but this must not become a replacement for one to one contact. I intend to slow down my social media use when it comes to friends and physically arrange to see them in the flesh.

So there’s my resolutions. They may not seem very mind-blowing or life changing, but they are to me. Resolutions can be hard to think of, if you ask me, as they’re making you think about the bad points about yourself that you perhaps didn’t think were bad. For some, they’re taking you out of your comfort zone. Resolution number 5 may not work, for example, but at least I’d die knowing that I kept in contact with friends that I was lucky to have in my life.

We’d love to know what your resolutions are if you’re making any. If you’re not, why not?

Finally, we’d like to wish you all a very Happy New Year with extra baby-dust for those in the TTC process.


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