I never thought it (we) would (finally) come to this.

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The email was much shorter that the first email we had received from D1, but it was short and sweet and hit the nail on the head. He wanted to help us.

As emails between us and D1 stopped (he stopped emailing for some reason), emails between us and Donor 2 started. D2 hadn’t done this before but stressed that he only wanted to help one couple (this also included siblings) and that he liked us and had chosen to help us. There was no outstanding or poetic reason why he wanted to do this but he stated that it was something he has always wanted to do but never got round to it.

We both felt comfortable with him straight away for some reason, more so than D1, this one was very kind and very sweet and already very emotionally attached to the whole situation of helping us. He continually expressed how much he wanted to help and how amazing it would make him feel.

Early on he also stated that did not want any assistance with travel costs nor with payments for tests. Although we protested in regards to this he stated that all he wanted to do was help and in return; was for us to be complete and to perhaps send him the occasional photo. Our hearts warmed, however I, for one, have always been taught that if something is too good to be true then it probably was.

Over the next few weeks emails were exchanged, more photo’s of him were received (he was handsome) and his health was detailed to us (he has a job that requires regular health checks so he was able to send the latest results – this detailed tests for diabetes and similar). He also went to his local GP upon our request and booked himself in for further tests (HIV, STD’s, etc.) and got them to us as soon as he received them himself – he was fit and healthy.

To this day, and to our relief, we still haven’t found anything wrong. He’s perfect. He is open to any question and answers them honestly. He is more than we could ever have wished for.


We finally spoke on the phone on Friday and had a lovely chat about organising the actual event. Despite our obvious nerves on the phone (I pretty much wore down a path surrounding my coffee table) he was still able to talk sperm and the future if everything goes well. On the phone we agreed that we are to meet at a Travel Lodge (classy!) half way between him and us. We are to have a spot of lunch (mainly to get me relaxed) and to go from there armed with pots and speculums.

Now this is where the spooky bit became obvious to us… Half way between him and us is a town called Redhill, Surrey which is where S grew up, and (touch wood) if everything happens first time then we will be able to officially announce it on S’s birthday in April. Knowing this now makes me feel extra warm and fuzzy – it makes me feel as if someone upstairs is looking down on us and including S in all of this in a special way, excluding the obvious task that she already has to do…

Looking forward from this moment I am excited and at the same time calm (S, however, is another story). I have never been so sure of something in my life and I can’t wait. This time next month I could be pregnant; I might not be, but either way it’s one of the first steps towards a huge journey, and I literally cannot wait.


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