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Teething: Gummee Molar Mallet [AD – Review]

Everything gets blamed on teething in this house. Poor sleep, lack of appetite, bad attitude. It seems that T has never stopped teething as he always has his fingers in his mouth. Last year we became Gummee ambassadors, which was perfect timing as T was in the midst of tooth… I’ve lost count… and we

Gummee Glove: Review

T loves putting things in his mouth. His hands, his toys, my hands, the TV remote. Anything he can get his hands on. He even gives the dog’s toys a good go. The trouble with T being in control with what goes in his mouth though is that he often has a habit of dropping things

Teething: Our Top 5 Teethers

We cut (pun intended) the short straw when it came to T teething. Starting at 3 months old we were in full swing by the time he reached 4 months with 4 teeth already through.  At 7 months, he now has 6 teeth through with others likely making an appearance soon! Although we have plenty

6 Month Update – A Very Happy Half Birthday!

Half a year has now passed since T arrived in the world. This. Is. Crazy. Looking back through the months we’re amazed at the milestones he’s conquered. I often see newborns at the baby groups I go to and I can’t believe T was that small, that still, and that quiet! There’s no keeping his

5 Month Update

T is now 5 months old! Movement and coordination has been a huge factor this month in comparison to last month. Between 19 and 21 weeks was when things changed rapidly. For example, T used to lay on his back or front and play with things given to him or nearby. This week, however, he

Dear My Teething Terror. 

My Dearest, We’ve had a rough week. Admit it. We’re not friends. I can tell as you’ve barely smiled at me, let alone chuckled. Smiles seem to be reserved for mumma, and giggles for nana. You’re suffering from teething pain, I know, and nothing seems to be quite hitting the spot. We have everything from