Gummee Glove: Review

T loves putting things in his mouth. His hands, his toys, my hands, the TV remote. Anything he can get his hands on. He even gives the dog’s toys a good go. The trouble with T being in control with what goes in his mouth though is that he often has a habit of dropping things as well! This is not the case with the Gummee Glove.



The great thing about the Gummee Glove is that once it’s placed and fastened onto their hand it doesn’t come off, although it’s versatile enough to be used as an all round teething tool if they don’t want to wear it. T particularly likes putting tough fabric like canvas in his mouth!



The Gummee Glove comes with a generous sized area to put your baby’s hand into, and a neat little carry / wash bag.


Every thought has clearly been put into the sounds and textures on and within the glove, encouraging babies to enjoy the glove whilst seeking comfort.

The Gummee Glove comes with a large piece of crinkly fabric, that covers the back of the hand, which keeps the baby occupied whilst they’re giving the glove a good chew. It then comes with two pieces of chewy silicone and two pieces of fabric on either side of the glove, both varying in colour.

It also comes with a large heart shaped silicone ring that is designed to fit their mouth for when the molars come in! What I love about this bit is that you can remove the silicone ring from the glove by simply undoing the popper. This creates a whole new toy and keeps the teether going long after their hands have become too big!

We really like the Gummee Glove and have taken it with us a few times whilst out and about. It’s particularly handy whilst food shopping as T has a habit of dropping everything if he gets the slightest bit distracted whilst in the trolley. The glove stays on regardless which means he can come back to it later when he’s not  so occupied pulling stuff off shelves!


We are delighted to finally announce that we’re now Gummee Glove Ambassadors! Keep an eye out for further product reviews here on the blog, and updates over on our Twitter!

Gummee Glove can also ship worldwide!

We were kindly given a Gummee Glove for the purpose of a review, however all words and opinions are our own. 

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