Dear My Teething Terror. 

My Dearest,

We’ve had a rough week. Admit it. We’re not friends. I can tell as you’ve barely smiled at me, let alone chuckled. Smiles seem to be reserved for mumma, and giggles for nana.

You’re suffering from teething pain, I know, and nothing seems to be quite hitting the spot. We have everything from a silicone hammer to a rubber giraffe, even a good old fashioned dummy. My fingers seem to work well, but it’s not so cute anymore when you chomp down. You’re often hitting bone! Not literally, but you may as well for the pain it creates. I love you, but I can’t quite take that.

What’s more is that you’ve now started chomping down at the end of a feed when you’ve had enough. That’s fun (!). What’s wrong with just coming off? Why the biting? What did I do to deserve that? You put so much effort into it that I’m starting to take it personally!

I really hope you learn to stop biting me soon, I’m not ready to stop nursing you. It’s our one moment of calm where it’s just you and me. Our special time. Just us. It’s bliss.


At the moment, however, it’s not so calm. My heart races at every feed and I’m sure you can feel me tense. I’m sorry, but it’s like dipping my nipple into a shark tank.

To top everything off, you’ve now started to grind your beautiful front teeth. Why? Who knows. The face you make is so very cute, but that’s the only pleasant feature – the sound is like nails to a chalkboard. Please stop.

Things can only get better, I hope, and next week is a brand new week. So pinky swear we’ll be friends next week, yeah? And no biting!

Love you.


9 thoughts on “Dear My Teething Terror. 

  1. g2the4thpower says:

    Aww no fun! I remember many times thinking I’d have to stop nursing because of chomping, but she eventually stopped. When it happened I’d just pull out, say ouch fairly firmly, she would maybe cry for a minute and I’d sooth her without the boob, then when she’d settle again I’d reintroduce the boob. Eventually she got the idea that I didn’t appreciate the chomping. Good luck! It isn’t nearly so chompy once those front teeth are done.

  2. lifeasagaymom says:

    Oh the teething days . So many of us blogging moms are going through it right now. Those two front teeth are ohhh so cute though 🙂 how many does he have? How many months is he?

    • lesbemums says:

      They are so so cute! He has the two at the top and the two at the bottom. Very cute indeed, but at 4 months I can’t imagine it’s quite painful.

      • lifeasagaymom says:

        4 months oh boy, he’s early. My little Leo is 9 months and hadn’t had any sign of teething until 2 weeks ago when he got 6 in at once!!! It was crazy. Hence my exhausted posts

  3. beginningfromthestart says:

    Bingo went through the tooth grinding phase as well– I hated the sound, especially when I was holding her or wearing her in the carrier. Apparently it’s just their way of experimenting with the feel/sound of this strange new body part (teeth), and at least with Bingo it stopped pretty quickly.

    The biting came later for Bingo– at around a year, I think– but stopped quickly when she made the cause/effect link that biting meant being unlatched: pretty much THE WORST punishment for a boob loving baby!

  4. Leanne Cornelius says:

    I can’t imagine the pain of him chomping down after a feed, and I don’t think I want to, yikes!
    Such an earlier teether too bless him!
    Aria is teething at the moment, or at least I hope she is so that I have an excuse for the amount of tears lately.
    I’ve actually just written a teething essentials post that may come in handy, though I’m sure you’ve probably tried most of it already.

    • lesbemums says:

      Yikes indeed! It definitely smarts.

      Teething early definitely has its pros and cons. It’s good to get it over and done with, but at the same time he’s just so young for that amount of pain. You. Ant really explain it. Poor baby. I hope you get through it smoothly! Tears are definitely a good sign of teething (from both sides!)

      I saw you had written that. That’s handy, actually! I’m catching up on all my reading today so yours will be at the top of my list! Thank you. X

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