6 Month Update – A Very Happy Half Birthday!

Half a year has now passed since T arrived in the world. This. Is. Crazy.

Looking back through the months we’re amazed at the milestones he’s conquered. I often see newborns at the baby groups I go to and I can’t believe T was that small, that still, and that quiet! There’s no keeping his nattering to a halt these days!

Movement wise, T sits up almost  unaided.

If he starts to fall forward he’s able to bring himself back up again. Sideways motions, however, are a different story and he has no control whatsoever as he falls to the side. It’s very cute and I can’t help but watch him as it happens.

He still has no interest in rolling or any type of motion that’s not sat or lying still but I guess this will come in time – I’ve been told not to rush this as once they’re moving there’s no stopping them!

The biggest update though is that we’ve started weaning!!

From about 5 months T was interested in our food and pretty much grabbed anything we had. Anything in his hand went in his mouth and fingers weren’t safe from a good chomp, he also started to become easily distracted when he was feeding – so we couldn’t wait to start weaning!
We’ll be writing more about this soon as his first time with food was an experience!

T is still teething and now has his next set coming through either side of his front teeth. He’s not been too crabby overall but when he has a bad day it really is a bad day. Having teeth has helped the weaning process but if he catches the wrong tooth with some carrot, we sure know about it!

He’s still a good sleeper and often sleeps through, especially on days where we’ve been out. If he does wake in the night it’s usually because of a nappy but he goes straight back to sleep after a cuddle or a boob. He’s still in our room and in his moses basket as he wasn’t sleeping in the travel cot we set up in our room despite clearly being tired, we don’t think they’re particularly comfy anyway so we met in the middle and put his basket in the cot – this worked fine. Although he’s somewhere new, he still has his comforts.
Now he’s 6 months, we’re going to be introducing him to the cot in his room this weekend! It’s a scary thought as I’ve always had him next to me but he’s definitely getting too big for the basket, although he seems to like the confined space. As mentioned, we started introducing him to a bigger cot by having a travel cot in our room so it met in the middle but that didn’t work. We’re hoping by putting him in a comfier space he’ll be ok – we’ll see!

I know I say this every month but I don’t know where time is going. I can’t believe this chunk of a baby was once so small. I’m so proud of every achievement accomplished and milestone conquered – I really do take for granted the things we do so easily that are so difficult for babies. I forget that he once couldn’t even hold his head up let alone sit up, his coordination is there, not to mention communication! He really is a clever boy… we couldn’t be prouder!


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  1. Lauren | Belle du Brighton says:

    Yay to six months! Isn’t it going fast! T always looks so happy! Looking forward to reading about the weaning and how it’s progressing, most things I think are still coming back out again over here!

    Thanks for linking up with #WhatMyKidDid! (oh, and ps, you’ve not popped your link into the linky thing at the bottom of my post, if you do hopefully it will get you a few more visits as well as a backlink for you!)

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