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2014 in review

I’ve seen a couple of these flying around and just found out where to find ours this afternoon. It’s probably not very interesting for you guys to read but it’s certainly something that I can look back on over the years. I just find it interesting to see how our blog has developed! We never planned it to


We made it!! I am OFFICIALLY in my third trimester with approximately 3 months to go until the due date, 3 months until Beansprout makes their arrival. It really isn’t that long now (and breath) and I know time will probably fly, the last 3 months sure have! At the moment, I’m currently content with

26w6d – Feeling Thankful

Every Christmas I try and think of all the things I’m thankful for, and at New Years I try and think of all the things I look forward to. They’re not something I have made myself do over the years, they’re just something I find myself thinking about or doing when S is finally home


I’m currently 24w4d. I go on Christmas leave on the 18th December (just under two weeks to go!!!) and return to work on the 6th January, at which point I will have around 7-8 weeks until I go off on maternity leave for a year. I apparently have around 15w to go until beansprout makes


It’s December. I can’t believe it. I remember being with friends at Christmas and then sitting at home with S at New Year watching the fireworks like it was just yesterday – where has this year gone?! I say this every year, but this year has been especially fast. Like every year prior to that,

Hunger With a Side of Insecurity

As mentioned recently, I’ve had a bounty of questions come my way during pregnancy, the worst ones coming from women I rarely know – women who probably only found my name out a few weeks ago. During said week of stupid questions, I got this whopper:- Her: “So how much weight have you gained?” Inner