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  1. cheese is the best filling food for me! I either get those little round snack cheeses (they are called baby bels here) or eat cottage cheese! So glad you’re up to date and “out”!

    1. LOVE BABY BELL! We have those, just mini. I wish we could get the actual ones from US and France – theres a reason ours are called mini baby bells.

  2. Awwww thanks for the shout out! So lovely to hear about your pregnancy too. I’m still firmly in the first tri-mester starving category! Are you vegan/vege? I’ve read (and found) that the best way to stop the hunger is protein – so cheese, nuts, a smoothie with protein powder…(& for me eggs but I have a feeling you might be vegan?)

    1. Nope. Full meat eater but watching how much of it i eat. Im on a lot of cheese with usually a side of fruit and raw veggies but an hour or so later im sometimes starving. Very frustrating.

      Hows everything going with you? How you feeling?

      1. Hi – do you like tuna – make up dips with that and eat with your veggies or rice crackers? I’m doing okay – I just posted and that covers it!

  3. Emma - Me, The Man & The Baby says:

    Those tears & emotions? THEY NEVER GO AWAY. I swear I never had tear ducts before I had children. I cry at absolutely everything these days and as for my rage? Lets just say hubs totally regrets not getting green peppers instead of orange ones the other night! 😉

    1. Yep. I wasnt made of stone before but i now cry at both happy and sad things. Sometines i dont even know why!!!

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