We made it!! I am OFFICIALLY in my third trimester with approximately 3 months to go until the due date, 3 months until Beansprout makes their arrival. It really isn’t that long now (and breath) and I know time will probably fly, the last 3 months sure have!

At the moment, I’m currently content with Beansprout staying in the oven (ask me again in February and I may have a different opinion) however once they do make their arrival, I am so looking forward to losing the back pain that I’ve been suffering with for the past 4 months – if I ever do lose it?!?

After the first trimester, I thought I was cheating pregnancy when I had had zero sickness, zero food aversions (apart from the look of scrambled egg – go figure?) and generally having an enjoyable time, however toward the middle of the second trimester I started really suffering with this almighty back pain. It started as sciatica-like pain but then it surged all across my lower back – it was excruciating, sometimes bringing me to tears. I didn’t do anything to bring it on, it just happened all of a sudden.

I know why it’s occurring but I just didn’t think it would have started so early or be so painful! I thought I would have done myself a favour having done a ton of gym work beforehand, but alas no. Nothing can clearly prepare you for the changes in your body when it’s preparing the departure of a baby from your uterus.

On top of this, I’ve had an awful cold for the month of December as well as a rough time sleeping due to said cold and general irritable-can’t-get-comfy-ever feeling in bed. I still use my dream-genii pillow, which I started using early on to keep me on my side as I’m a front sleeper, but some nights just don’t happen and I end up waking every 2 hours due to simply being uncomfortable.

Apart from that though, as I really don’t want to moan, we have tons to look forward to and do. We have our nursery furniture arriving in January, which will then be built by S sometime in February.

I imagine this will be the time when things will feel real for me. I know I’m pregnant; that’s obvious, and I know we’re having a baby, which is accountable by all the stuff we’ve bought for said baby, but at times I’ve somewhat forgotten that we’re going to have an actual ACTUAL baby by the end of it. An actual human being. So when their furniture arrives and their bedroom starts to look like a place where a little person will be sleeping, it will certainly start to feel real. You know what I mean?

On top of this, we also have several birthdays and events to go to and by the end of February I go on maternity leave! Gosh – that really isn’t long.


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  1. AndiePants says:

    I love that you’re just a week ahead of me! Let me know how the third trimester goes!

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