26w6d – Feeling Thankful

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Kate Everall

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  1. When I saw the Old Mout Cider I thought you must be Kiwi’s and I was thinking ‘how did I miss that’? But then checked your blog (as I’m always jut using the reader on my phone) and you are in the UK. Just love our cider eh?! Happy Christmas from this hemisphere.

    1. Oh god yes! Its only recently arrived in the UK, actually, about a year. We found it in our local pub and then it was popping up everywhere! We bith love it – its by far my favourite cider.

      Happy Christmas, ladies! Hope you’ve had a good day. X

  2. Hello, we are now going into our 4th month of trying, and really starting to hit a hard wall, just all around feeling sad. I too am willing to try and give up anything to get that goal of a baby. Can I ask what a kinseologist does, how did they help? Thank you, and all the luck in the world with your baby bean!

    1. Hi. Sorry to hear this.

      A Kinesiologist is in the same family as say a Acupunturist; where parts of your body (like ovaries) have a counter part/point somewhere on your body that can tell them if its broken. A Kinesiologist can work out what is “wrong” (for want of a better word) without doing any invasive work or by taking any fluids.

      If you have an email, i can send you some better information as i really havent done them justice. Lol.

  3. That would be great! Slogan13@outlook.com

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