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The S Word

Sleep… I’ve had an on-going battle with sleep since I was a few weeks pregnant. If it’s not not being able to sleep on my front, it’s having weird-ass dreams that have exhausted me by the time I wake up. But for the past 3-6 weeks I’ve had incredible hip pain that effects my sleep to

Having Fun With The Bump

We are at that stage in the pregnancy where it seems that beansprout is definitely interacting with us. Since about week 18 we have felt movements from the little one, but gradually over the following weeks those movements have increased from tiny little flutters that only K could feel to what can only be described

226 days in…

Well what can I say, the last 226 days have been filled with joy and laughter, tiredness and tears, and not to forget frustration and impatience.  Yes, I’m talking about K. (To all the Partners reading this – if you’re just embarking on this joy ride, keep in mind that you are going to have

Organising a Nursery with OCD

Last weekend, S built the nursery furniture for Beansprout whilst I got on with washing all the clothes ready to be put away. It was a mountain of a task, but we did it! Apart from the Cot, it’s practically done! The washing and the building was actually the least of my worries as I


Following a very honest post from Eventual Momma, I’ve decided to join in and share my hidden “gems” of pregnancy.  By no means is this a rant, it’s more of an amusing little entry about the fun and games of pregnancy. We all know the obvious things that come with pregnancy, but these are the

2014 in review

I’ve seen a couple of these flying around and just found out where to find ours this afternoon. It’s probably not very interesting for you guys to read but it’s certainly something that I can look back on over the years. I just find it interesting to see how our blog has developed! We never planned it to