6 Month Update – A Very Happy Half Birthday!

Half a year has now passed since T arrived in the world. This. Is. Crazy.

Looking back through the months we’re amazed at the milestones he’s conquered. I often see newborns at the baby groups I go to and I can’t believe T was that small, that still, and that quiet! There’s no keeping his nattering to a halt these days!

Movement wise, T sits up almost  unaided.

If he starts to fall forward he’s able to bring himself back up again. Sideways motions, however, are a different story and he has no control whatsoever as he falls to the side. It’s very cute and I can’t help but watch him as it happens.

He still has no interest in rolling or any type of motion that’s not sat or lying still but I guess this will come in time – I’ve been told not to rush this as once they’re moving there’s no stopping them!

The biggest update though is that we’ve started weaning!!

From about 5 months T was interested in our food and pretty much grabbed anything we had. Anything in his hand went in his mouth and fingers weren’t safe from a good chomp, he also started to become easily distracted when he was feeding – so we couldn’t wait to start weaning!
We’ll be writing more about this soon as his first time with food was an experience!

T is still teething and now has his next set coming through either side of his front teeth. He’s not been too crabby overall but when he has a bad day it really is a bad day. Having teeth has helped the weaning process but if he catches the wrong tooth with some carrot, we sure know about it!

He’s still a good sleeper and often sleeps through, especially on days where we’ve been out. If he does wake in the night it’s usually because of a nappy but he goes straight back to sleep after a cuddle or a boob. He’s still in our room and in his moses basket as he wasn’t sleeping in the travel cot we set up in our room despite clearly being tired, we don’t think they’re particularly comfy anyway so we met in the middle and put his basket in the cot – this worked fine. Although he’s somewhere new, he still has his comforts.
Now he’s 6 months, we’re going to be introducing him to the cot in his room this weekend! It’s a scary thought as I’ve always had him next to me but he’s definitely getting too big for the basket, although he seems to like the confined space. As mentioned, we started introducing him to a bigger cot by having a travel cot in our room so it met in the middle but that didn’t work. We’re hoping by putting him in a comfier space he’ll be ok – we’ll see!

I know I say this every month but I don’t know where time is going. I can’t believe this chunk of a baby was once so small. I’m so proud of every achievement accomplished and milestone conquered – I really do take for granted the things we do so easily that are so difficult for babies. I forget that he once couldn’t even hold his head up let alone sit up, his coordination is there, not to mention communication! He really is a clever boy… we couldn’t be prouder!


4 Month Update. 

T is now 122 days old. 4 months!


I say this every month, but I really don’t know where the time is going. What’s most upsetting is that I’m soon going to be reaching the half way point of my maternity leave! T being two weeks late really cut into a huge chunk of my leave so I go back before he’s one year (but we don’t discuss this much in fear of me blubbing)!

Since last month, T has come in leaps and bounds. This, by far, has been my favourite month so far.

His voice is well and truly established (often being the loudest in the room), and so is his coordination. Although he still gets frustrated when he wants something in front of him and can’t quite grasp it, he now has no trouble giving it a good go. He has no interest in rolling, but where he lacks in rolling he makes up for with interaction and teeth!

He’s really interactive and we’re getting full blown giggles from him that melt me to the core. He seems to laugh harder with S which makes it all more special. I love how he looks at S, you can tell he absolutely adores her. His smiles are definitely the biggest when she comes home of an evening, even if he has been in pain through teething.

Teething wise, his bottom teeth are through and coming up rapidly. He now looks extra cute when he smiles.  His top two teeth have also broken through the gums – I can’t imagine what pain he’s going through right now. Thankfully, I haven’t felt the pain of teeth – I’ve had a few accidental nips towards the end of a feed but I’ve managed to take him off after a stern “no”. I think (hope) he’s learning that teeth equals no food.

Like me, he’s a stickler for routine. If we’re out even by 10/20 minutes, especially at bedtime, he grumbles. We have several routines but they’re routines to say the least. For example, some mornings he’s up at 6am, the next he’s up at 7:30am. I know that if he’s up at 6am, he’ll feed and go back to sleep until 8am. If he’s up at 7:30am, he’ll feed but stay awake until 9am where he’ll have another feed and then nap. I’m quite thankful he has these routines – it makes the day easier to manage!

Speaking of sleep, T is still sleeping through the night from 8:30; although I’ve had several warnings about the 4 month sleep regression! I’m not looking forward to that, especially as I’ve just started sleeping through!

It’s currently the school summer holidays here so I’ve been having trouble finding things to do with T. If he doesn’t do something different each day he can get quite cranky. So far, we do a lot of (cheap) soft play and walks with the dog whilst I wear him. Now that he’s more interactive he’s really enjoying the different view whilst being worn. Although he still often falls asleep, he usually spends a lot of time gawking at the sights he can clearly see before him. It really is a magical time.


Little Sunflowers – Review. 

With T growing up and chunking out before our eyes, it’s important that the clothes we get him are of good quality not to mention value for money.

We know babies grow out of things quickly, so it’s not good value for money if you’re buying 0-3 month jeans at £20! They’re bound to grow out of them quickly – T did! That doesn’t, however, mean that we buy cheap. It still has to last them the 3 months after all and not fall apart after the first wash!

So when we were invited to shop at Little Sunflowers, we were over the moon. Little Sunflowers sell high quality clothing by brands such as Fred’s World, Hatley, Toby Tiger, Molo Kids, Maxomorra, and Lilly & Sid! Run by the lovely Bev, who has been working in the childrenswear business for over ten years (as well as being a mother of two) with her husband, it’s clear she really enjoys what she does.

The website itself is easy to navigate – we liked the fact we could search just by brand; this gave us the opportunity to view brands we hadn’t heard of before not to mention see how much choice was available! We were also impressed by the delayed shipping option (something we haven’t seen before) at checkout.

After much deliberation we finally decided what to get. We decided on a piece by Fred’s World, a piece by JNY, and a piece by Agatha Ruiz De La Prada. We decided to get pieces a little larger than T so that we had something to look forward to and because we were nervous about T growing out of it before he had a chance to wear it!

The items came surprisingly quick, considering we ordered them on a Sunday, and arrived via courier (included in the order). We had also been receiving texts to update us about our order throughout the weekend.

We were really impressed with the service from Little Sunflowers and would recommend shopping there. Their vast collection of brands at reasonable prices, and excellent customer service made the whole experience a pleasure.


We were given a voucher to shop at Little Sunflowers for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own. 

Our House – Then and Now

“They’re just a baby”, I said. “They won’t take up much room”, she said. “We won’t need to change a thing for at least a few months until they’re crawling”, we said.

How wrong were we.

It goes without saying that the second bedroom of our house would of course be their room. Their nursery. But what we didn’t imagine was for it to bleed downstairs into the lounge or into the bathroom, or even our bedroom for that matter! T isn’t even moving yet and already our house can look like a bomb has hit it on some days.

At the start, we had every intention of making sure that whilst T was a baby, a lot of the every day items would return to his room at the end of the day. 

How. Wrong. Were. We.

Let’s begin…

The Lounge

‘scuse the mess (a common phrase)

Not only a feeding room, but now a play zone and general baby room. We lost this room around week two when the travel cot came downstairs when I gave up taking the Moses basket up and down stairs.

The coffee table got pushed to the wall, the play mat stopped being dismantled around week 4 and now gets put into the travel cot at night to stop the cats from sleeping on either items.

His Nuna seat is part of the seating arrangement somewhat and his car seat remains in the hallway. Don’t get me started on the amount of muslins or dribble bibs we find draped across chairs! I’m surprised I’m still taking him upstairs to change him!

The bathroom.


What was once our haven for all things  pampering is now a haven for bath seats, baby shampoo, and bath toys.

Hooded towels sit on the edge of the radiator whilst the dentinox sits next to our radox. The top and tail bowl has taken the place where our flannels once sat, and there are more wash cloths here than the shelf in IKEA where we bought them.

Our bedroom. 

The Moses basket is a given, but in addition to this I’ve accumulated a breast pump on my bedside cabinet, (“it’ll go back in the box after every use”, I said), a Gro Egg, a never ending basket of washing, and several pairs of T’s socks where they’ve been emptied from my pockets. The wife also has a nasal aspirator and more toys than Hamleys on her bedside cabinet. 

I don’t really know when these changes happened, although to be honest I’m impressed with myself for allowing it. But looking round the house today made me realise that a baby has now well and truly moved in and made themselves right at home!


Finding His Voice

I’m pretty safe to say that T has definitely found his voice.

Every morning, it’s no longer frustrated noises or cries that come from his moses basket but coo’s and chitter chatter. Throughout the day, I no longer hear silence but baby rambles being directed at the nearest toy.

When I watch him chat I can see his lips moving into different shapes, trying to pronounce something. His eyebrows moving with emotion.

Whenever I engage in conversation with him, hoping I’m getting the language right and not calling him names, I wonder what his first words will be, what his first question will be, and what he’ll answer when I ask him questions such as; what his favourite colour is, what his favourite meal is, or where his favourite place is.

We’re clearly a long way off from question time, but I can’t wait to have a proper conversation with him. Even if it is about why he can’t have profiteroles for breakfast like his Mumma.


Sunday Walks

Around the area that we live are several places we enjoy walking the dog.   

For years we’ve been coming to these places and whilst there, we chat. A lot.

Before T arrived, the chats would primarily be around “when/if we have kids” and what we’d get up to with them. We’d daydream about days out, holidays, Christmases. We couldn’t wait for it all to become real. We also talked about fun stuff, like; lottery wins, dream jobs, buying a house, you name it. These walks got us away from the hustle and bustle, and into dream land. We’d end up walking for hours, often not realising where we’d got to. 

When I was pregnant, the dreams were slowly becoming real (apart from the lottery win!), although the “off piste” walks quickly became shorter as I was a liability and never wore the right shoes. 

Then T arrived, and although it’s taken us a few months to get back into going for long walks, it hasn’t taken us long to back to where we used to be. Disappearing into our own little bubble, and chatting about the future we now have planned as a family.