#Photo365 Photo Challenge: March in Pictures.

#Photo365 Photo Challenge: March in Pictures.

Another busy one this month as I’ve really pushed to make sure we’ve made the most out of our last few weeks together before I return to work and T heads off to nursery. If you follow us on Twitter, you’ll know I’ve shared my fair few gripes with a teething baby, therefore I’m surprised

#Photo365 Photo Challenge: February in Pictures. 

It’s been a busy one this month, and there’s been more than one occasion where I almost forgot to take a daily picture. I dread to think what it’s going to be like when I return to work next month. They don’t call it a challenge for nothing. You can follow us on Instagram, but

#Photo365 Photo Challenge: January in Pictures. 

If you follow us on Instagram you’ll see that I’ve decided to take part in a photo challenge. This was partly to do with my bucket list, but mainly to do with my ever growing fear of missing T grow up. It sounds strange, but looking back through the past 9 months worth of photos

Days Out – Our Puddleducks Photoshoot

T has been going swimming with Puddle Ducks for a few months and is now quite the swimmer. It’s not yet actual swimming like you and I would do, it’s swimming baby-style, meaning that he knows how to behave in the water. He knows how to spit water and kick following a prompt, as well

Our Newborn Photoshoot

Following our maternity photo shoot a few months ago, we knew we’d also want to do newborn photos once T arrived. We loved what Megan had done with my bump so of course we wanted Megan to work with T. Megan arrived a few days after T was born. We were advised to make sure

Our Maternity Photoshoot [AD – Gift]

A few weeks ago, we met with Megan from Gold and Glitter Photography, to take pictures of us and bump. How it was arranged went something like this; Megan got retweeted by graze.com when she tweeted a picture of her beautiful rabbit Athena munching on an empty graze box, I tweeted Megan commenting on said cute