#Photo365 Photography Challenge: Our Favourite Photos.

When we first started this daily photo challenge I didn’t think I’d last – I thought I’d give up or simply forget to take a photo for that day.

But I didn’t. I remembered!

T probably has an image of my phone engraved into his core memory when he sleeps but I’ve managed to capture some amazing photos throughout the year. I’ve captured birthdays and milestones, days out and holidays, highs and lows, the good and the ugly. And it’s been fun.

I’m still mulling over whether to do one this year, but perhaps start it when he turns two. After all; it was a challenge and there were times when I really struggled to capture a photo for that day which sometimes made the event tough, but then look at what I’ve captured.

Here are our favourite photos for the year…


Taken on the 19th January, this photo was taken at a friends house during one of many coffee dates. Both me and T have been so lucky to have found such wonderful friends during the past few months. They’ve been our support as well as a place to escape. I’m chuffed to say we’re all still friends now.


Baby steps were taken on the 21st February, although it was a few months later that T took his first independent steps. I’m proud to say on both occasions he was walking to his mama.


After T’s photoshoot on the 6th March, we went to Scotney Castle; which was just down the road. We’re so lucky to have such gorgeous places on our doorstep, it makes getting fresh air with a soon-to-toddler so much easier.


The first taken on his actual birthday where we visited Marwell Zoo, and the second taken on the 9th during his birthday party – I couldn’t choose just one! This was a huge day for all of us – our baby had turned one!


Probably one of our most favourite pictures, it just screams summer fun. Blue Skies, Sun, Sand. On the 1st we went to Spring Barn Farm, a local farm to us in Lewes, and did what T loves doing the most; looking at animals!


Summer was well and truly in full swing on the 9th, which meant we were in the garden again! I loved days like this as we always got the paddling pool out (and sometimes even the BBQ); which is one of T’s favourite toys as a water baby.


Steps were taken on June 8th when T decided to toddle his way to mama. There was the beginning of a never ending game of chase.


It goes without saying that August is dominated by Brighton Pride. Celebrating with lots of rainbow families, we were so proud that day.


This was such a hard month to choose from as we had so many lovely photos from our days to the park and our holiday to Wales, but for some reason this one jumped out at me. T has been swimming for over a year now and loves every minute of it.


Without a shadow of doubt, this is most definitely my photo for October. Halloween meant that T was invited to dress up for halloween at his nursery, and who better than mummy’s T’s favourite comic book character; Batman! Introducing… BatBaby!


It was definitely Autumn, maybe Winter, in this photo of T at Nymans. The tree’s were bare, but T made the most of it (as always) and found puddles to splash and leaves to kick. It was days like this when I really enjoyed having a toddler. Watching him run around so free was lovely to watch.


There’s no way December’s favourite photo wouldn’t be of Christmas morning. T was dressed so smart and enjoyed his 10 minutes of unwrapping before walking off to play. He did, however, enjoy the food that came with Christmas!

So there we have it, our favourites from throughout the year. What are yours? If you’d like to continue following us, you can find us over on Instagram.


One thought on “#Photo365 Photography Challenge: Our Favourite Photos.

  1. Plutonium Sox says:

    Some gorgeous photos. I’ve enjoyed following your challenge throughout the year. That photo of T on Christmas morning is adorable, there’s nothing cuter than a little boy dressed smartly!

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