Our Maternity Photoshoot [AD – Gift]

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Kate Everall

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  1. They’re beautiful photos! Job well done, Megan!

  2. They’re beautiful!!

  3. *Also…totally LOVE the Friends reference 🙂

  4. TheChroniclesofaNonBellyMama says:

    The photos are fantastic…I especially love the bump and the Carousel…fantastic work!

  5. Lauren | Belle du Brighton says:

    All gorgeous! I do especially love ‘kate14’ with the pier in the background! I think a Bump photo shoot is such a great idea, though sadly have managed to not get one in either pregnancy! I so also love that Megan’s rabbit is called Athena 🙂

    You’re right about it being wonderful that she’s giving you the photos rights free, so important! Our wedding photographer did this too and it made such a difference to what we could do with them afterwards!

    1. Thank you, lovely. We were quite lucky that it didn’t chuck it down!

      It’s certainly very rare for a photographer to give you such a huge selection and without a watermark – Megan will certainly lead above the rest with this mentality.

  6. Fantastic photos!

  7. Wow, those are lovely! Kinda wish we managed to have more professional pics of bump as opposed to just the monthly selfies!

    1. Awww. I wish we’d done more monthly selfies as well as this. lol. The monthly selfies see actual growth!

      1. I like to think I’m making up for it by taking about 50 pics of bambino a day!

  8. chickletsmums says:

    Beautiful photos!! I forgot you’re in Brighton- do you know Rainbow Families? We met up with the parents to be group a couple of times and have since been to main event since Phoebe was born 🙂

    1. Thanks.

      I think I know them… Are they on Facebook? We’d love to find more groups, especially same-sex parents, to meet up with.

  9. g2the4thpower says:


  10. mummymuselovelyshoes says:

    I really wish I had done this, I was too shy, I wish I had showed my bump off more. This is a beautiful bump in Brighton
    The pics are amazing, I will find Megan as I’m not far from manchester and the newborn photos I had didn’t give me the rights xxx

    1. Oh wow. She’d love that. I honestly would recommend her to anyone. Not only is her work gorgeous, she is a genuinely lovely person – making the day extra special.

      I know what you mean though. I felt weird having my belly being the centre of attention but after looking at the pictures it felt special as I knew something was in there. Y’know? Lol.

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