Our Maternity Photoshoot

A few weeks ago, we met with Megan from Gold and Glitter Photography, to take pictures of us and bump.

How it was arranged went something like this; Megan got retweeted by graze.com when she tweeted a picture of her beautiful rabbit Athena munching on an empty graze box, I tweeted Megan commenting on said cute Athena, and from there we started chatting!

During the conversation, we got to know that Megan is a photographer and is always looking for new innovative projects for her portfolio. At this point Megan asked whether we would be interested in letting her take some pictures of us as she was really keen to have a same sex-couple in her portfolio – a pregnant couple was a bonus! Straight away, without even considering whether she may have been an axe-murderer*, we said yes. *Megan, of course, isn’t an axe-murderer and is a lovely, bubbly person who clearly enjoys her work. 

Bump/maternity photos were always something we had wanted to do, as we think it’s a nice way of capturing the time (but more professionally) but never thought we’d be able to afford it, so we weren’t going to miss this opportunity – plus I’m all for promoting all things same-sex. One snag was that Megan was based in Manchester (a long long way from Brighton!) so we wondered how this was going to work however that quickly became irrelevant as Megan was more than happy to come down to Brighton! Perfect!

So after a few more email exchanges we met one cold and wet afternoon in Brighton, had a coffee, and then created a good 300 photos around Brighton. Here are a handful of some of our favourites:-

When we sat down and viewed them I was struck speechless. I couldn’t believe how amazing they looked – not because of anything Megan would do but more so because of me. I enjoy photos being taken (more so than S) but unless I take 20 or so pictures around the one I’m happy with, I often up looking like this…



Or this…


Plus, the weather in Brighton that day was miserable pretty much all day until about 20 minutes before we were meant to finish, so with this in mind I didn’t know whether gloomy weather would work out, but it really did.
To say we are happy with Megan’s work, is an understatement! You don’t have to agree, but we think they’re absolutely amazing.

Megan does everything from maternity to baby photoshoots, as well as a bump to baby package which is a package made up of 5 photoshoots that captures photos from bump, through to newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and 12 month (something we will definitely be purchasing one fidget arrives).

Also, one of the most impressive things about Megan as a photographer is that she is one of the only photographers I know to give the customers full rights to the photos, ie. Not having an annoying watermark on the photos you get back from the photographer (of course until you purchase them). This is something I rarely see in the photography world.

If you’re thinking of getting bump photos done, I’d highly recommend having a look at her website – she is generally willing to travel and will definitely make the day special!


*We were given the opportunity for a free bump/maternity photoshoot for the purpose of adding to Megan’s portfolio, however regardless of this this review has come from the bottom of our hearts and is an honest one.

Megan also took a long time to create these beautiful pictures, so please do not copy or reproduce these photos without our permission.

Thank you.

15 thoughts on “Our Maternity Photoshoot

  1. Lauren | Belle du Brighton says:

    All gorgeous! I do especially love ‘kate14’ with the pier in the background! I think a Bump photo shoot is such a great idea, though sadly have managed to not get one in either pregnancy! I so also love that Megan’s rabbit is called Athena 🙂

    You’re right about it being wonderful that she’s giving you the photos rights free, so important! Our wedding photographer did this too and it made such a difference to what we could do with them afterwards!

    • lesbemums says:

      Thank you, lovely. We were quite lucky that it didn’t chuck it down!

      It’s certainly very rare for a photographer to give you such a huge selection and without a watermark – Megan will certainly lead above the rest with this mentality.

  2. icegemz says:

    Wow, those are lovely! Kinda wish we managed to have more professional pics of bump as opposed to just the monthly selfies!

  3. chickletsmums says:

    Beautiful photos!! I forgot you’re in Brighton- do you know Rainbow Families? We met up with the parents to be group a couple of times and have since been to main event since Phoebe was born 🙂

    • lesbemums says:


      I think I know them… Are they on Facebook? We’d love to find more groups, especially same-sex parents, to meet up with.

    • lesbemums says:

      Oh wow. She’d love that. I honestly would recommend her to anyone. Not only is her work gorgeous, she is a genuinely lovely person – making the day extra special.

      I know what you mean though. I felt weird having my belly being the centre of attention but after looking at the pictures it felt special as I knew something was in there. Y’know? Lol.

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