Our Newborn Photoshoot

Following our maternity photo shoot a few months ago, we knew we’d also want to do newborn photos once T arrived. We loved what Megan had done with my bump so of course we wanted Megan to work with T.

Megan arrived a few days after T was born. We were advised to make sure that T was fed and changed so that he was sleepy – this was so we could mold him easily (and be accident free).

Everything was going to plan during the photo shoot. Megan got tons of shots already and T was looking cute as ever. No meltdowns. Nothing. But then it struck. The hose pipe. Everywhere. We were so embarrassed but got everything cleaned up quickly, including Megan’s props.

A few shots later, projectile milk followed by another hose down. Great (!). Where was he storing all of this!? Two more props were also down. This was getting embarrassing. After throwing everything in the wash (including T) we then finished the photo-shoot promptly in case the other end decided to join in.

Despite the many embarrassing accidents, we had a wonderful day and we were so excited to see the end results, and no wonder, here’s a sneaky peek of our favourites…


7 thoughts on “Our Newborn Photoshoot

  1. littlerainbowbug says:

    Sweet photos 🙂 try not to be embarrassed, newborn photographers (should) always expect their subjects to be some of the most messy and difficult, and the best ones make a point to make sure new parents are comfortable with that!

  2. pepibebe says:

    Gorgeous photos! I love the simplicity and the fact that there aren’t heaps of props distracting from his natural deliciousness!

    • lesbemums says:

      Exactly! I don’t mind the occasional hat but I can’t be doing with buckets, etc. I don’t really like the fake positions you can put them in. I like natural. X

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