Goodbye, Grandad: A Story about a Rocket to the Moon.

There’s never an easy way to talk about the loss of a loved one. It never feels like the right time. But when is the right time? You feel like you’re cheating yourself and deceiving others by not talking about it, but when you do you’re lost for words.

Time certainly wasn’t on our side in February when Sharon’s dad had been officially diagnosed with cancer, however we knew something wasn’t right months prior. He had lost a lot of weight, he wasn’t eating much and there was a cough that didn’t seem to budge. Textbook symptoms when you look back. It then crept up on us so quickly, that when we saw Sharon’s dad for the first time in several months it really was like a truck had hit us.

But February came and we got the answer we already knew. He was dying, and fast. The doctor told him he had eight months to live max. We were crushed. Eight months was not long enough to say goodbye. To squeeze in all those things you’ve been meaning to do all those years. Chemotherapy was an option, however due to the severity of the cancer and how ill he was already, Sharon’s dad made the decision not to take the treatment.

We had until October.

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Days Out: The New Goblet of Fire Exhibit at Warner Bros Studio Tour, London.

If you follow us on instagram you’ll know that we’re massive Potterheads. If you don’t know what that means, I’ll enlighten you:

Definition: Amazingly cool people who are obsessed with Harry Potter.

We adore the series and ever since Warner Bros. opened their studios in Watford, London we have visited the Harry Potter studio tour a number of times. You may think this as a bit excessive, but the tour is constantly changing and adding new features. As well as the seasonal changes where props are often adorned with snow in the winter or sets decorated with pumpkins in the autumn, there are also regular releases of new behind the scenes footage and experiences.

The last time we visited, T was a mere 18 months old and had just started walking. To him, it was a day out and a safe place to toddle with some fun stuff to do along the way. Fast forward another 18 months and it’s now a whole new experience.

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Exploring the new Piccolo range at Pizza Express {Review}

Last week, myself and T were invited to one of our local Pizza Express’ to try out their Piccolo menu and brand new activity packs that come with every children’s meal. We’ve been going to Pizza Express for a number of years and this didn’t stop when we had T.

We’ve always found Pizza Express to be incredibly family friendly, from their welcoming staff to their menus that are mini adult meals as opposed to “kid friendly” plates of grease that you often get in pub chains. As parents who did baby-led weaning, their variety of food was perfect.

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Judged for being a Two Mum Family.

When you become a parent, you will inevitably be judged for the decisions you make. Whether it’s by people you know or complete strangers. Some people won’t even know they’re doing it, but you will. It could be about whether you chose the bottle or the breast, the way you birthed your baby, deciding over baby-led weaning or traditional weaning. They will judge or pass comment.

But how about judgement over the person you choose to fall in love with? Or telling you that because you go to bed with a certain gender or sex, your child will fail.

Don’t believe it? This exact thing happened to me and several other rainbow families just the other day.

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My Living World: Ant World {Review}

Ever since T’s eyes could properly focus, he’s always been obsessed with bugs and small creepy crawlies. I’m not sure what it is about them that capture him more than a bird or larger animal, but if something quickly scurries past or lands on him (or us for that matter!) he’s on it wanting to hold it or let it walk over his hand.

With this in mind, dog walks are always a fun event – especially in places like the woods – as he MUST stop at every woodlouse or ants nest to tell us what he can see and ask whether he can pick it up. It’s quite sweet really, but I can’t help but worry he’ll turn into Lenny from Of Mice and Men once he gets hold of that poor defenceless ladybird.

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