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Before we found Dorset, Cornwall was always our happy place. Our home away from home. Our go-to destination for holidays. If it’s not the beaches we love, it’s the laid back atmosphere that comes with Cornwall being a surfers paradise. Before T came along, Sharon and I had been visiting Cornwall on and off (every other holiday was a visit to Cornwall) for years – it was even our first holiday together as a couple! We just love the area and actually feel more at home here than in Sussex.

Despite our love for Cornwall though, it’s a rather long way away from Sussex with a child, so when choosing our holiday we often opted for Dorset when deciding to visit the West Country as it’s only 3-4 hours away in comparison to the potential 6-8 hour journey to Cornwall. Tramadol Online Texas (gosh, this is an old post!) T was only a few months old and the journey wasn’t *great* so we decided to leave it a little while before visiting again – leading us to where we are now.

After years of waiting for the right time, we finally decided to book a holiday to Cornwall.

Online Tramadol Overnight

Tramadol For Dogs Online Uk

Arriving home shortly after our first visit to Buying Tramadol In Mexico, we were soon on the Bluestone website booking our next visit. We had such an amazing time when we visited that we wanted to do it all over again the following year. Bluestone is like nothing we’ve ever experienced, and as written previously, is one of the few ‘holiday parks’ where we enjoy (and prefer) to stay on site!

We decided to book for the same time as the previous year, not only because we found a great deal but because we wanted to take advantage of the fact that we can still travel with T during school time – meaning everything would be a lot quieter. Plus, Bluestone is stunning in the Autumn.

Online Tramadol Australia

Tramadol Online Cash On Delivery

For this year’s family holiday, we decided to visit Dorset in the West Country. Although Cornwall will always have a special place in our heart, Dorset is a lot closer (a beautiful 3 hours from Brighton in comparison to 5-6 hours with good traffic) and is in close proximity to family. Plus, we hadn’t taken T to Dorset before outside of Tramadol Online For Dogs!

Dorset is now becoming a very close second when it comes to the West Country. The beaches are gorgeous, the lifestyle is just as relaxed as Cornwall, and the cider is a pretty good compromise. I would move here in an instant and whenever we visit I always end up talking to Sharon about our imaginary house which is located near Sandbanks.

For this holiday, we decided to stay at a local Haven site in Weymouth. Last time when it was just me and Sharon we stayed in Poole, which is only a 40-45 minutes away so not a massive distance, but it meant certain excursions (eg. Monkey World!) were a lot closer this time round.

Order Tramadol Online Us

Tramadol Cheap Uk

Whenever we go on holiday, we don’t often spend much time on site as we like to spend our holiday exploring the local area. We’re usually up and out the door early and then not back until late afternoon. We certainly don’t think about doing any activities, watching any of the shows, or eating on site.

Although we’re often too busy or tired, over the years we’ve found that the food on site isn’t always that great and the entertainment is somewhat lacking in… entertainment! For us, the main purpose of the resort is to eat and sleep comfortably in our accommodation, as well as maybe do a bit of shopping or spend a few pennies in the arcade (who doesn’t?).

We may spend an hour walking around the park if it’s a particularly pretty one, or pop to the pool for an hour before it closes, but generally we just go back and forth between our caravan because, to be honest, the facilities aren’t always that great.

Tramadol Online India

Tramadol Online Ireland

Part of the whole Bluestone experience is your accommodation. My last post detailed Cheap Tramadol For Dogs, but in this post I thought I’d share our accommodation with you to give you taste of what it’s like.

During our week at Bluestone, we stayed at Dinas Lodge which is a detached log cabin that can sleep 8. It comes with two double rooms, two twin rooms and 2 wet rooms or a bathroom and shower room (we had the wet room in our lodge). The accommodation also comes with wifi and internet as standard (you can upgrade this at check-in) and heating.

Tramadol Online Order Cheap

Credit: Handbags to Changebags

There are a number of apartments, cottages and lodges at Bluestone – all varying in size, location within the park, and facilities available within – but whichever one you choose you’re bound to find that it’s a home from home.

Tramadol Online Mastercard