The Definition of Allyship

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Kate Everall

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  1. Catherine at Think or Blue says:

    Thank you for this. There’s so much to think about in this post. You’re so right that sometimes allies “sign up” to be an ally and then don’t realize how much work it is. It doesn’t stop at just calling yourself an ally; we actually have to take feedback, keep listening, and keep trying to do better. I think people get discouraged the first time they do something “wrong” and then feel like it’s not worth it or too much effort, instead of just trying to do better. I’m sure I’ve been guilty of the same in the past. Thank you again for sharing this!

  2. Very thought provoking post. Allyship is a concept I guess we all know about but I hadn’t heard it given a name before. What sticks out from your post is the acknowledgement of priviledge. The world would be a much better place if we all acknowledged that we are privilidged and, as you say, used that priviledge for the greater good. I know it’s cool to pretend you don’t have priviledge and that you’re ‘street’ but that’s actually a missed opportunity.

    In other news, great to meet you the other night and congrats on the well-deserved award.

  3. The Need To Check Our Own Privilege | A Spiral Dance says:

    […] I have come to understand over the past couple of years, thanks in large part to people like Kate from LesBeMums, is that we ALL have privilege and that we need to be doing more to face up to and tackle […]

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