The Person Behind the Parent {Sarah: Toby Goes Bananas}

Another month, another featured blogger for our ‘Person Behind the Parent’ feature!
Last month Lauren from Belle Du Brighton kindly told us that her grandad wrote the Irish national anthem (say what!). This month, Sarah from Toby Goes Bananas shares the person she is behind the parent she is.
Please introduce yourself… 
I’m Sarah; teacher, wife, mum to two boys, looking down the wrong end of my 30s.
Where can we find you?
In real life you can find me in Lancashire, or online at – I’m also all over social media @tobygoesbananas

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Days Out: Our Easter

No sooner were we celebrating T’s second birthday we were then onto Easter! How fast is this year going? We are already a third of the way through it already.

This Easter Sharon decided to take a few days off before the weekend to make up for the fact I was working one of the days over Easter (yay to shift working!), so with this we decided to make the most of the time off together (and the weather).

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The Bullet Journal Diaries: Reasons Why I BuJo

*Information from a press release by Cartridge Save*

We are already a quarter into 2017, which means I’ve stuck to Bullet Journalling for a whole 3 months! I would have hoped this would have been the case, but with busy schedules it’s actually pretty tough to find time to sit down and properly update the BuJo.

Don’t getting me wrong, I’m sad to see that a couple of pages have fallen to the wayside as I really don’t have time to sit and draw things, for example, and certain challenges I set myself (a book a month, as another example) have also slowed right down, but nevertheless, I’ve still managed to keep up with the main diary body and I’ve made use of the other pages I’ve created to help me plan ahead.

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Two Year Update

It goes without saying that the past year has absolutely flown by and I’m now going to be completely predictable and say the old saying of; ‘it feels like yesterday’ that T was a baby and just turning one. But it really does. I can’t believe he’s now two years old.

With T starting nursery and me returning to work full time I’m not surprised that the weeks have flown by. We’re set in such a busy routine of work, swimming, weekends that there’s often zero time to just stop and observe. As soon as T turned one it felt like all the milestones were suddenly being reached. Walking and talking to name but a few.

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A Proud Moment as a Same Sex Family 

It goes without saying that whether you’re a same sex family, a single parent family, or a co-parenting family parenthood is full of proud moments. Eating solids, walking, and talking all come in at the top of the list when it comes to achievements.

As a same sex family though we have our own proud moments…

But as same sex parents, there are a handful of milestones that mean more to us than any of the others. For us, we haven’t reached many as T has only been around for a mere 23 and a bit months, but the other day we had our first ‘two mum milestone’.

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