Days Out: Our Puddle Ducks Underwater Photoshoot

I’m a sucker for photo’s of T – especially novelty ones where he has to dress up or be dunked underwater. Thankfully (for T) the latter was on offer recently so we booked ourselves in! The last time T had an underwater photoshoot he was a mere SIX MONTHS OLD and (as you’ll read) a lot more persuasive.

We arrived for our afternoon shoot after T had spent the morning at nana’s (probably our first mistake). T was a little cranky but we’d been used to weeks of T not having an afternoon nap so we thought that perhaps he was a little hungry or that he didn’t really want to leave nana’s – but we went with it.

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The Person Behind the Parent {Karen: Mini Travellers}

Another month, another blogger to feature as part of my ‘Person behind the Parent’ feature!

Last month, we spoke to Natalie from Plutonium Sox who has some serious stories to tell when it comes to travelling. This month, we chat to Karen from Minitravellers!

Please introduce yourself…
I’m Karen mum to three beautiful girls aged 6, 5 and 5 (identical twins) live on the Wirral with my hubby.

Celebrating ‘Fathers Day’ without a Dad. 

By now you should know that we’re a two mum family – so this isn’t what this post is about. When I was ten years old I lost my dad to cancer. It was two days before my birthday.

Father’s Days from then on were pretty bleak. We didn’t really have anyone else to celebrate the day with, so we didn’t. My mum didn’t go out of her way to replace him – no one could – and therefore remained as a single parent for a long time until she “came out” and we became a Rainbow family.

This year will be the twenty year anniversary of my dad’s passing and to celebrate we’re doing something a little special thanks to an invitation from the Star-Name Registry.

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Days Out: Diggerland and the Little Tikes Playzone!

Last weekend, we treated T’s nephew M to a day out at Diggerland. M is absolutely mad for diggers and all vehicles within the ‘digger’ category (please don’t make me name them all), so when we were invited to Diggerland to see the new Little Tikes Playzone we decided we couldn’t not take him as well.

M is two years older than T, although the only thing that gives it away is the difference in height and speech as T gives it a good go keeping up with his 4 year old cousin!

Diggerland is only 2 hours away from Brighton and is a fast and pleasant drive straight up the M25 to Rochester. Leaving at 8am we even had time to stop at the service station for coffee and to treat M to a (rather expensive!) magazine for the journey. As well as Kent, Diggerland also has locations Devon, Durham, Yorkshire, and Worcestershire.

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The Gardeco Swedish Torch: Review

There’s something quite exciting about lighting your own fire. Not in a burn-your-house-down kind of way, but a sitting-around-a-campfire-toasting-marshmallows kind of way. We’ve always enjoyed being around a fire. From our previous chimneas and fire pits, to bonfires and the occasional wood burning ritual when I couldn’t be bothered to take tree cuttings to the tip!

I don’t know what it is, but being around a camp fire with a few ciders after a BBQ is just the best. If you time it well; it means you don’t have to get changed out of your shorts once the fire is fully ablaze – keeping you nice and toasty. It also often means the s’mores will be on their way!

But the trouble with building your own fire is that the novelty wears off quickly, and if you have trouble getting it started you often forget why you started it in the first place after the 20th match and half a bottle of lighter fluid!

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Rock Bottom: The DUP and Us.

As much as I try to be open and honest, there are two things I don’t often get into conversation with people over;

Religion and Politics

Today, however, I’m going to break one of those rules. Although only a little bit, though. Regular programming will resume shortly.

With Trump being elected President of one of the most powerful countries in the world and the United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union, 2017 seems to be the year of absolute chaos politically. There is uncertainty, a lack of stability and, quite frankly, a lot of panic.

This morning made it no better, but what tipped me over the edge was finding out that our Prime Minister, for the sake of making her side “stronger”, has sided with a party against all that I stand for.

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