A Spontaneous Night Out with Malmaison, Brighton Marina

Last weekend we randomly won a Twitter competition after answering a question the folks over at Malmaison had posed to us…

But after realising childcare would be near impossible the impossible happened…

Talk about good PR!

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Playtime with Wicked Uncle: Review

Just when we think T has enough toys we suddenly realise he doesn’t. It’s not the physical number that isn’t enough, it’s the sheer speed of T’s evolving brain that it seems we can’t keep up with, meaning his current collection of toys often get shoved to the bottom of the basket or completed within seconds.

Sure, we’ve evolved some of his toys into new learning tools (stacking rings are now ways we can identify colours, for example) or rotated his toys so that after a few weeks his old toys get forgotten ready for a refresh a few weeks later, but even after all that there are still a few toys that just aren’t pushing the toddler buttons.

In addition to this, we have also found that despite forking out a far bit of cash some toys just aren’t as hardwearing as had hoped. So when Wicked Uncle invited T to test out a few of their toys we were over the moon and gleefully agreed. Continue reading

A Letter To Our A&E Nurse…

A few weeks ago T came down with the most horrednous viral infection that saw us visit A&E on more than one occasion. It completely took it out of him and scared us several times.

Ever since starting nursery he’s a dab hand at dealing with bugs. He gets them and usually trundles on give or take some whinging. For us, it seems like we’ve had endless snot and coughing from December!

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Adverts Doing It Right for The LGBT Community 

If you’re not part of the LGBT community you probably don’t think twice when you see an advert showing a mother and father bathing their baby, or when you a see a girl and a boy embracing in a film. But I do. Not all the time, that would just be weird, but more often than a straight person probably does.

See, for every straight couple I see in an advert I see one less gay person being represented.

This point is made more poignant now that T is around. It’s going to be a long time before he notices this stuff, however the thought of him not seeing families like us on TV or in a film and wondering why breaks my heart.

So when I was out shopping the other day, I couldn’t help but notice this…

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The Bullet Journal Diaries: My Kit

Before I started my bullet journal I was quite lucky to already own a large collection of stationery. Pens and pencils were in their dozens, and I already had odd bits of kit like a ruler and a compass. I still, however, wanted to get some brand new items to start a fresh – not that I really need an excuse to buy more stationery.

I’m not an expert, but here’s what my bullet journal kit looks like incase you fancied giving it a go. I haven’t had to add anything along the way, and I’ve used everything in this list so far.

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