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Liebster… German For “Favourite”.

So when the gorgeous Andy from The Gayby Project, nominated us for a Liebster Award, I was completely shocked. Not only were we nominated for something that I thought only professional (if that’s the right word) bloggers competed for, but we were nominated at a time where we are doing very little work – especially

The Donor

Whilst reading blogs related to LGB couples trying for a baby, I have noticed a massive trend… there is no donor. I mean, there obviously IS a donor, but the donors are rarely mentioned at all during the process. Not one little bit. Now, I wholeheartedly understand that the process is about one couple’s journey

Uh-oh, tis my first post!

So. Hey.  Umm. I’m not quite sure how to start. In case you hadn’t guessed, I’m S. I’m not very good with words, so please bear with me. You’ll soon see why K is going to do most of the blogging. I want to introduce myself to all you lovely people who have already started