Uh-oh, tis my first post!

So. Hey.  Umm. I’m not quite sure how to start. In case you hadn’t guessed, I’m S.

I’m not very good with words, so please bear with me. You’ll soon see why K is going to do most of the blogging.

I want to introduce myself to all you lovely people who have already started following our blog.  We really appreciate the support and encouragement that we have already started to receive, it’s completely overwhelming, and we aren’t even at the stage where it should feel like this. So a huge thank you.

I’d just like to say, that i’ve been following a number of incredible stories over the last few months, and it is down to these stories that have we have decided to document our journey’s trials and tribulations, in the hope that it brings inspiration to other lesbian couples out there who want to start a family.

Like with any couple who are trying to conceive, we are hoping that it happens quickly and without too much heartache, however in reality nothing is ever that simple.

K and I have been talking about this for the best part of 2 years on and off, but as she wrote yesterday, she never really had the urge to have a child, whereas it’s something I’ve always wanted.  I’m not sure why, it was just the normal thing to do, I guess.

One thing you need to know about me is that I usually just go with the flow.  I generally don’t step outside of my comfort zone.  Well that was until I met K. She changed my life.

I don’t mean in the way of me realising I was gay – that happened about 2 years before I met the love of my life, and that is a completely different story which, I think I’ll save for another time.

She made me realise that life wasn’t mapped out like the yellow brick road, just waiting me to follow it.  It was something I needed to grasp with both hands and something to enjoy, rather than being almost a chore.

She gave me confidence in being the person I am now, and I hope that I can give her the confidence in knowing that we are both ready to pursue this new road, even though that once we start the journey, that there is absolutely no turning back.

I hope she knows that no matter what happens, I’m always going to be there to support, love and cherish (this is almost starting to sound like our vows) her every step of the way.

It may not be me that will carry the child during that first 9 months of creation, but I will carry that child for the rest of my life,  no matter what.


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