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#Photo365 Photography Challenge: Our Favourite Photos.

When we first started this daily photo challenge I didn’t think I’d last – I thought I’d give up or simply forget to take a photo for that day. But I didn’t. I remembered! T probably has an image of my phone engraved into his core memory when he sleeps but I’ve managed to capture

Our 2016

Wow! Where has 2016 gone? To sound like a cliche, it feels like I was only writing my 2015 update yesterday! Aside from all the death, 2016 has been a mixed bag for us. We’ve had our fair share of sickness; with T picking up everything from conjunctivitis to hand foot and mouth within weeks of

2016 Bucket List: Update

Last year I set myself a challenge to complete a bucket list for 2016. This is because I don’t like resolutions. Resolutions have an air of pressure – for me anway – and seem to concentrate on the negative. Bucket lists seem to encourage you do something different. Something new. Something positive.

10 Month Update

T is now 10 months old! Double figures! It’s been a month of milestones this month with T progressing when it comes to movement and eating! Although still happy just chilling and watching everything pass him by, T has recently started dipping his toe into the pool of rolling. He now confidently rolls onto his side

2016 Bucket List

I’ve never been a fan of resolutions. They always seem to target the negative or can turn themselves into a chore. “Lose weight” is usually a popular one, but one that’s often broken first. Unless you want to do it, or would have done it without the resolution, don’t do it. You’ll just feel rubbish about