2016 Bucket List

I’ve never been a fan of resolutions. They always seem to target the negative or can turn themselves into a chore. “Lose weight” is usually a popular one, but one that’s often broken first. Unless you want to do it, or would have done it without the resolution, don’t do it. You’ll just feel rubbish about breaking it. If you’re one of the odd balls that can make and stick to resolutions, good for you!

For this reason, we haven’t made resolutions for quite some time but that’s not to say we haven’t set ourselves little targets for the year. Things like; give blood, being meat free twice a week, or screen free Wednesday’s have been some of the tasks we’ve set ourselves.

Inspired by a fellow blogger, and to expand on our yearly “taskings”, we’ve decided to write a Bucket List for 2016.

It’s likely we’ll add to it over the coming weeks, but so far we’re pretty happy with it. Some tasks are more achievable than others, but then that’s the fun of it!

Here’s what our bucket list looks like…

Take part in a photo challenge to document T’s growth through the year • Visit somewhere new at least once a month • Go to a blogging event • Treat ourselves to a new sofa • Complete / fill in T’s baby book • Cook something new • Have a day at the beach • Video more • Fly a kite • Do something selfless • Meet more blogging / twitter friends in person • Spend more time in the garden • Read (and complete) a book (or three) • Go on holiday • Make macaroons • Get T a passport • Get on a ferry to France • Take more photos on the camera (not the phone) • Take the grandparents out to lunch. Give blood • Learn a new skill •

What I like about a bucket list is that there are no limitations. Yes some objectives look like something off of an every day to-do list, but at least this way I’ll be pushed to do it!

Do you make bucket lists? What’s on yours?


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