10 Month Update

T is now 10 months old! Double figures!


It’s been a month of milestones this month with T progressing when it comes to movement and eating! Although still happy just chilling and watching everything pass him by, T has recently started dipping his toe into the pool of rolling.
He now confidently rolls onto his side but remains there until either I roll him back because he’s “stuck” or when he happens to accidentally flip onto his front. This is huge for him.

He’s still very good at standing whilst up against objects like the sofa or random legs, but he also still gets annoyed when he can’t then reach an item on the floor whilst he’s standing up.

He’s also confidently lunging forward a lot more now, often ending up on his front. I now know a few tricks to get him to do this.

The most exciting (and entertaining) part of T’s improved movement is what happens whilst he’s sleeping! Every night, we put him into his cot asleep and by the morning he’s is a completely different position to where we put him. Some are now verging on the bizarre.


In regards to daytime sleep, T has recently dropped a mid-morning nap and has decided to nap the once at around 11. This will last for around an hour and will usually last until bedtime!

Weaning has also come on leaps and bounds this month, although it still has its down moments. Some days he eats little to nothing, other days he’ll polish off three meals and snacks!  I think teeth contribute a lot to what he eats and how much, especially as within the last 2 weeks he cut a molar! OUCH!!

The biggest milestone is that T’s also started eating from a loaded fork. A few weeks ago he’d chomp down and scrape the fork, thinking it was part of the food, but now he gently takes the food off the fork. What’s more is that last night he even started giving the fork back to me to be loaded again. This bit may very well be a fluke, but it’s something he’s grasped.

His favourite food is pasta, although not spaghetti. He doesn’t even touch that or noodle. He still dislikes tomato but happily eats meatballs in my homemade sauce.

He’s recently gone off pear, but still loves banana. I’ve also recently started baking again so T has more variety when it comes to snacks. So far, I’ve made fruity oat bars and sweet potato biscuits.

Finally, for us 10 months also means that we have to start talking about his birthday. It’s a scary thought and perhaps something I’m not ready to think about yet, but with two months to go I can’t leave it too late!


4 thoughts on “10 Month Update

  1. lauren kearney says:

    I am so jealous of the appetite and of the fork-loving! They all go on the floor here!
    I do love watching the sleepy wriggles, so amazing how they can move about so much! If you feel like sharing the sweet potato biscuit recipe do let me know, sounds yummy!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Leanne Cornelius says:

    He is doing so well!
    I love seeing the positions that Aria gets in in the cot, recently she has been on her back with her legs up in the air leaning on the side of the cat, crazy children!
    I’m glad weaning is going well. I really need to start baking her some more snacks and treats, I made banana muffins the other week and she really enjoyed them.
    Today I was lazy and she had veggie fingers, which again, she really enjoyed !

    • Kate Everall says:

      The positions are crazy! I’m sure I’ve found T like this as well. I don’t understand how they can do it all in their sleep but whilst awake, nope!

      Weaning is definitely getting better – although we still have days of zero consumption (although I’m starting to think this is related to the previous days eating or when something is brewing!). Ooooo. Banana muffins! They sound good – I’m still trying to find more snacks so this will be handy (although I’m conscious of how much banana I’m baking with!)

      I love lazy days – he had fish fingers and home made chips the other day and loved it. We get treats – why can’t he?

      Thanks for commenting, I’ve only just spotted it – apologies for delay!

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