Optima Pizza Express Napoli Pizza Oven by Pizza United [AD – Review]

Optima Pizza Express Napoli Pizza Oven by Pizza United [AD – Review]

There’s nothing quite like traditional Stone-baked Pizza. The flavour is like nothing else you’ve ever tasted. I remember the first time I had traditional Italian pizza. I was sat at a table in a restaurant in Rome. It was one of mine and Sharon’s first holidays together as a couple. We’d been sightseeing all day

30+ Books That Celebrate Family Diversity and LGBTQ Inclusion for Young Children

I’m a firm believer that children need to see themselves within the society that they’re living in. The earlier the better. Likewise, just as much as children need to see their identity and culture reflected, children also need to have access to society via a proverbial window. It’s vital if you want to offer a

Sleeping Better, Longer and Deeper with TEMPURĀ® [AD]

I’ve not always had the greatest relationship with sleep. Being a shift worker for over ten years my sleep pattern has always been erratic. In 2015, when I became a parent, I forgot what a decent nights sleep truly felt like. More recently, when COVID 19 hit, my anxiety levels increased so dramatically, that sleep

Glamping at Wylde Valley Camping, Cornwall [AD – Press Trip]

For the summer holidays this year, we were invited to a weekend stay at Wylde Valley Camping at The Wyldes near Bude, North Cornwall. Despite being avid campers for a number of years, both at camp sites and festivals, we’ve only recently entered into the world of Glamping. Our first glamping experience was last year

Our stay at Mama Shelter, London [AD – Press Trip]

To celebrate the opening of Mama Shelter; a fancy new family-friendly hotel in London, we were invited to stay for a few nights. We don’t often get to visit London for Leisure, especially not a sleepover, so this was incredibly exciting. Located near the Shoreditch / Hackney area of London, the hotel is situated within

Back to School with Tog24: The Medlock Kids Waterproof Ski Jacket [AD – Review]

I love the build up to the Summer Holidays. It’s like that feeling you get before the peak of a rollercoaster. As soon as you’re home from that final school pick up it’s like a weight has been lifted. You’re FREE to have as much fun as you like. No alarms, lunch time can be