Alternative Uses for a Babymule

One of the best finds on the parenting market has got to be the Babymule changing bag. I’ve written before how brilliant it is and I stick by that. It has plenty of room, it’s comfortable to wear, and it’s design is perfect for those that perhaps don’t suit the design of highstreet changing bags.

But what I love most about the Babymule is how adaptable it is. As well as the interchangable straps that can change the bag from a rucksack to a record bag, the bag itself can be used for a number of occasions and events other than just baby essentials.

Here’s what a Sharon has been using her Babymule bag for over the past few months…

1) A Laptop Bag. 

This is probably the way Sharon uses the bag the most as it means she can work suddenly whilst out and about with T, or use her bag for work but keep some stuff in there for T when she picks him up after work.

The main compartment has ample room for even the oldest of laptops and there’s still plenty of room for a change of clothes, two bottles of water, and some snacks!

2) Book Bag

Although we seem to have a library to challenge the beast’s castle in Beauty and The Beast, we still like to take a trip to the library every now and again. With this, we like to grab as many books as we can so we don’t have to visit for at least a fortnight. Books range from picture books to bedtime stories.

Thanks to the Babymule‘s design, weight is distributed evenly so even the biggest of book stashes can be carried home without backache or the buggy toppling over!

3) Swim bag. 

When Sharon needs to take T swimming she looks no further than her Babymule to assist with carrying not only T’s swimwear, but a change of clothes for her and T, as well as after swimming snacks (for both of them!)

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So there we have it.

Three alternative uses for the Babymule aside from being a changing bag. I have no doubt that when T becomes an age when he no longer needs to changing back (18?) we will still use the bag for our own personal use. This is thanks to it’s hardwearing materials and simple but clean design.

Do you have a Babymule? What do you use it for aside from a changing bag?


Sharon was given her very own babymule for the purpose of a review, however all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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