Making Conversation.

It didn’t take long after T turning one that his words started becoming more word like and less like babble.

Although I had no qualms about having a conversation with him, it got tricky after a while, especially when T would look at me in confusion, knowing full when I had already asked him “how much” something was or “what else” someone had said.

I know, mate, I'm confused as you.

I know, mate, I’m confused as you.

  • Of recent, however, those babbles have now turned into full blown words, with “mama” and “Bebe” being his favourite words.

    Here’s a few other words I know T can say:

  • Dada (yeah, I know, I was surprised as you).
  • Duck.
  • Ockar (Oscar).
  • Tat (Cat).
  • Meeeeeeee.
  • Nana

In addition to this, I’m overjoyed at how T can also understand me as well…

He knows how to kiss (me, preferably):

He currently enjoys kissing every character in 'Rabbits nap'.

He currently enjoys kissing every character in ‘Rabbits nap’.

He knows where his tongue is when I ask him:


He smiles when I ask him to (sometimes):


When I ask him who’s on the phone, he finds out:


There are a heap of other little tricks such as; clapping along to songs, and passing me objects I’ve asked for, that T can do and I’m so proud. I’m also often dumbfounded as to where he picked certain things up – I’ve certainly never taught him how blow raspberries, for example!

I’m confident that this is the work of nursery combined with us reading to him.


He absolutely loves books, and often brings us several throughout the day to read over and over and over and over and over again. I’m pretty sure I now know where fox’s socks are and what pet the zoo gave to the little kid.

I know we’re a little while off, but I cannot wait to hear T’s “talking voice” – I know it’s going to melt me. I can’t wait for him to start asking questions or even just being able to say please and thank you.

What were your little knew first words?

10 Month Update

T is now 10 months old! Double figures!


It’s been a month of milestones this month with T progressing when it comes to movement and eating! Although still happy just chilling and watching everything pass him by, T has recently started dipping his toe into the pool of rolling.
He now confidently rolls onto his side but remains there until either I roll him back because he’s “stuck” or when he happens to accidentally flip onto his front. This is huge for him.

He’s still very good at standing whilst up against objects like the sofa or random legs, but he also still gets annoyed when he can’t then reach an item on the floor whilst he’s standing up.

He’s also confidently lunging forward a lot more now, often ending up on his front. I now know a few tricks to get him to do this.

The most exciting (and entertaining) part of T’s improved movement is what happens whilst he’s sleeping! Every night, we put him into his cot asleep and by the morning he’s is a completely different position to where we put him. Some are now verging on the bizarre.


In regards to daytime sleep, T has recently dropped a mid-morning nap and has decided to nap the once at around 11. This will last for around an hour and will usually last until bedtime!

Weaning has also come on leaps and bounds this month, although it still has its down moments. Some days he eats little to nothing, other days he’ll polish off three meals and snacks!  I think teeth contribute a lot to what he eats and how much, especially as within the last 2 weeks he cut a molar! OUCH!!

The biggest milestone is that T’s also started eating from a loaded fork. A few weeks ago he’d chomp down and scrape the fork, thinking it was part of the food, but now he gently takes the food off the fork. What’s more is that last night he even started giving the fork back to me to be loaded again. This bit may very well be a fluke, but it’s something he’s grasped.

His favourite food is pasta, although not spaghetti. He doesn’t even touch that or noodle. He still dislikes tomato but happily eats meatballs in my homemade sauce.

He’s recently gone off pear, but still loves banana. I’ve also recently started baking again so T has more variety when it comes to snacks. So far, I’ve made fruity oat bars and sweet potato biscuits.

Finally, for us 10 months also means that we have to start talking about his birthday. It’s a scary thought and perhaps something I’m not ready to think about yet, but with two months to go I can’t leave it too late!


9 Month Update

T is 9. Months. Old. 9 MONTHS.

I’ve given up wondering why T isn’t making any effort to move. It’ll simply come when it comes. He’ll move when he wants to / works out how (I hope). He can stand quite happily on edges of sofas and knees so I’ll take that as progress. Plus, I’ve realised that one day he won’t be so small (or so still) so I should really make the most out of it now.

Where he’s not moving, he makes up for in voice and noises. He has a few regulars such as “mamamama” and “babababa” which both go on for a while. I don’t think they’re any relation to words, but they’re definitely sounds he likes making. “Mamamama” he makes more when he’s annoyed or if I’m in the kitchen. Other noises include lip smacking, lip popping, and something that sounds like a motorboat and a raspberry when he blows air through his lips. It’s all very cute.

We had an awesome Christmas. T was truly spoilt by family and friends, and often didn’t know what to do with himself whilst surrounded by toys.

Christmas Day even got a bit overwhelming for him, so much so he had to have a nap half way through opening presents. Christmas dinner, however, was not a problem. He tried a bit of everything and has found a love for turkey.

Weaning is still going well. He has days where he doesn’t eat much and is quite picky, other days he doesn’t stop taking what is offered. He still loves toast and banana, but now also enjoys hard boiled egg.

Since hitting 9 months he really knows to deal with things, such as; how to get things off other things (like the rings off the stacker), how to pull things towards him if something he wants is on it (like a tablecloth to get a plate), or just general search (and destroy), which is my favourite. We got him a ball pit for Christmas, so when I set it up I often hide sensory toys under the balls as well as other little gems, however it doesn’t take him long to start flapping or waving his hand around to move the balls before finding something.

It’s these sorts of activities that make me understand what T is going through when he watches me and other babies. He’s taking everything in, soaking it all up. When I think about what he was like even a month ago, it makes me realise that I take what I’ve learnt for granted. Walking, talking, etc. has all been learnt over time , and slowly but surely, he’s doing it as well. It’s really an amazing sight.


8 Month Update. 

It didn’t seem that long ago since I last updated you! Where is the time going?

T is now 8 months old.

Weighing in at a nice 21Ib 5oz he’s just left his current percentile but is still at a nice incline. With weaning, I was worried about weight gain both eating too much or eating too little (although food before 1 is “just for fun”). With BLW you don’t often know how much to offer as it either doesn’t get eaten or it gets thrown on the floor; however because of BLW you can just trust them to stop eating (when they do eat) when they’re full or start playing with the food, signifying they’re finished. This can be quite hard to gauge as T is quite the pig. T really enjoys food, often stuffing his face with all the flavours, but has issues swallowing and quickly gets frustrated with the food in his mouth. He is getting used to it, as he now has no issue a polishing off a portion of lasagne or foods that he once had difficulty with, but it’s hard to watch him get annoyed with food he hasn’t had practise with. Once he gets it, it really is fun watching him gum / chew the food and then swallow – not to mention see it appear at the other end a few days later!

T’s favourite foods are brocolli, sweet potato, and pears. He’s also partial to the occasional banana but I have to monitor how many of these he has in a week! He’d murder me for my toast and don’t get me started on his reaction when someone has Greek yogurt!

T is a really funny little boy now. There are looks in his eyes that give you an impression about what he’s thinking.

He’s usually being sneaky, grabbing everything nearby (and putting it in his mouth!) so you have to preempt what he’s thinking (and doing). He knows what he likes and doesn’t like. He loves a game that involves suspense, especially if it leads to a tickle, but hates getting dressed in the morning.

We’re still really busy during the week which is nice. We still have a baby group on a Tuesday, and Swimming on a Wednesday. On top of this I try and get to the local library once a fortnight and his nanas once a week. I really want him to be a social baby, especially as he’s off to nursery in April *sobs*.

Finally, we’re really looking forward to our first Christmas as a family. S has a ton of time off so we’re looking forward to shutting the door and vegging out together until the new year.

We’re hoping over Christmas T will start moving as at the moment there’s nothing, which is getting a little frustrating. I know, I know, I will curse the day he starts moving but it’s hard not to worry or feel a little jealous when babies the same age or even younger are crawling or at least rolling! T just sits. Happily sits, mind you, but that’s it. Maybe if I put a snack out further than arms reach he’ll go for it.


7 Month Update. 

T is now 7 months old!


This month emphasises why I should have started our milestones photos on our bed rather than the moses basket!

This month really has flown by, which I think is down to weaning as it’s made my days even busier than they were before! In addition to the usual jobs around the house, days when I’m out, boobing or playing with him, I’m now having to think about meals. Once one meal is done and cleaned up, I’m off to the next one once he’s boobed and (sometimes) napped in between.

I’m also having to prepare bits for the freezer every few days. Not because he’s eating it all, but because I just want some stable bits stored so I don’t have to make it fresh; whether it’s mashed potato or banana pancakes.

I’ve tried doing large batch cooking but it’s not often long before he needs another feed, or just some company, so I can’t get involved in too much, and I try and avoid “mum stuff” (if that makes sense) at weekends as I want to do family stuff!

Milestones wise, T quite happily sits unaided now. He rarely topples, but when he does it’s because he’s overreaching for something or the dog has barged past and knocked him over.

T still has no interest in rolling or moving at all which, I know, is a godsend as he stays where I put him, but at the same time this means he gets frustrated easily when he wants something. I’m not overly worried (yet) as he’s sitting up and his legs are incredibly strong when I stand him up on my legs. Knowing my luck he’ll just get up and walk one day.

Things are going suprisingly well sleep-wise. As mentioned last month, we introduced him to the cot in his room. The first night he woke 3 times every 3 hours, the next; twice every 5, and the next he slept through! We still every now and again get hiccups where he’ll wake shortly after being put down or really early like 4am, but after a quick plug of the dummy or a boob he’s then back off until 7am. I’m really impressed and genuinely didn’t think he would settle but, so far, it’s been alright!

These past few weeks have, by far, been my favourite time. He engages a lot more with the things you put infront of him; clearly trying to work it out, he communicates a lot better; albeit babbles, but now they’re not just screams. He no longer seems to be this “vulnerable” baby. Sure, you can’t leave him alone for more than 30 seconds but you can play a lot rougher now; not in the chinese burn kind of rough, but the (gently) throw up in the air game rough, or the rolling up and down in your arms game rough.

Although I’ll always miss it, I’m slowly dealing with the fact that our newborn baby is no longer here and, if anything, I’m starting to feel excited about what the next 6 months are going to bring (especially Christmas!). I just don’t want to look back one day and remember how I constantly felt sad about T growing up because he was no longer this or that. I actually want to look back and remember all the new and exciting things we experienced together, and how happy that made us. It really is a once in a lifetime experience, and I should enjoy it!


5 Month Update

T is now 5 months old!

Movement and coordination has been a huge factor this month in comparison to last month.

Between 19 and 21 weeks was when things changed rapidly. For example, T used to lay on his back or front and play with things given to him or nearby. This week, however, he quite confidently goes to grab things at a distance, reaching out his arms. Before, he used to limit himself to things that were at an easier arms length. Everything is a target; my mug, our faces, even a passing cat gets a grab.

Movement wise, T has found his feet. Feet that are, more often than not, in the air and then on their way into T’s mouth, or grabbed so that when T’s in his back he ends up rolling onto his side.


This is huge. Not only does this keep him occupied but it means he’s nicely on the way to rolling over from his back to front. Sadly, though, he’s also quickly understanding that the things he sometimes chomps on are attached to him. A bitten toe = displeased baby.

Even with all this new movement, T’s nighttime sleep is still no better than before. We are well and truly experiencing sleep regression. We now have completely random bouts of waking between 1am and 5am, although once he’s changed and fed he’s back to sleep until 7am. I wouldn’t mind this so much if it was every night and/or the same time every night so I could get used to it, but because his timing as to when he’ll wake (or at all) is completely random I find I’m more tired now than I was when T was a newborn. During the day, however, he’s still sticking to the nap schedule he set months ago.

Now that T’s 5 months, I’m also now starting to think about weaning (weeps)! I don’t intend on actually starting until 6 months, but since T’s started to get distracted easily whilst feeding it’s something I think I’ll have to start looking into. I’m hoping to introduce a mixture of baby led weaning and mushed food that I’ll prepare.

Speaking of food, things are still going well with breastfeeding. We’ve had a few “incidents” but all in all, it’s not been too bad. Feeds are now ranging from 20-60 minutes at a time, but he goes longer without needing a feed. T still also takes the bottle, which was lucky as S had to give him one after he almost bit something clean off. The only difference with feeds now is that he doesn’t always fall asleep at the boob (sobs) which means I’m having to learn how to put him to sleep at nap time! I feel like I’m a new parent at times because I’ve previously been blessed with the magic dust of a boob.

Finally, we’re going on our first family holiday to Cornwall at the end of the month. We can’t wait. It couldn’t have come at a better time. T will just be turning 6 months when we return so we’re hoping to go on lots of days out and trips that’ll excite him. For me and S, it’ll be a well deserved break (although do you really relax on holiday with a baby?).

Before we go in at the deep end, any tips on weaning? Any good foods to start with? How was your first holiday with a baby?