Milestones: Making Conversation. -


It’s so exciting, isn’t it?! Matilda is all about “helping” with the laundry at the moment and putting her dirty nappies in the bin all by herself – fingers crossed she stays this keen on housework when she’s a teenager…!

Kate Everall says:

Awww. That brilliant. I’m just getting T into “helping”, although it slowly then turns into a game of “throwing” *face palm*

Oh he is just so adorable! If he’s anything like mine, he’ll just start talking all of a sudden. Both of mine went from the odd word here and there to full sentences in a matter of weeks. I think singing has helped them both a lot with speech.

RachelSwirl says:

It’s amazing that once they start talking it just comes in leaps and bounds, they can understand you you begin to understand them and … well the magic begins!

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