Preparing for School with IKEA [AD]

With T starting school in less than three months we decided he needed his own space where he can continue what he’s learning at school or take some time to relax. A space that doesn’t already have a purpose; such as the dining room table, or one that might form as a distraction; such as the coffee table, which often has an array of magazines on it (not to mention TV remotes!). Something to call his own.

With this in mind, just like the rest of the house, we went straight to IKEA to look for ideas and it wasn’t long before we found what we were looking for.

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Adverts Doing It Right for The LGBT Community 

If you’re not part of the LGBT community you probably don’t think twice when you see an advert showing a mother and father bathing their baby, or when you a see a girl and a boy embracing in a film. But I do.¬†Not all the time, that would just be weird, but more often than a straight person probably does.

See, for every straight couple I see in an advert I see one less gay person being represented.

This point is made more poignant now that T is around. It’s going to be a long time before he notices this stuff, however the thought of him not seeing families like us on TV or in a film and wondering why breaks my heart.

So when I was out shopping the other day, I couldn’t help but notice this…

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