Preparing for School with IKEA [AD]

With T starting school in less than three months we decided he needed his own space where he can continue what he’s learning at school or take some time to relax. A space that doesn’t already have a purpose; such as the dining room table, or one that might form as a distraction; such as the coffee table, which often has an array of magazines on it (not to mention TV remotes!). Something to call his own.

With this in mind, just like the rest of the house, we went straight to IKEA to look for ideas and it wasn’t long before we found what we were looking for.

We’ve always been huge fans of IKEA furniture, and over the past ten years we’ve welcomed several pieces of furniture – from the lounge to T’s bedroom – into our home. In T’s bedroom we have made full use of the Kallax and Drona drawers for toys, costumes, and books – and will no doubt later be used for storing PE and sport kits – and a Trofast has been placed in the remaining space in his room for even more toys.

IKEA is not only affordable, but the designs are versatile and fit into the theme of most homes. Therefore, when we were invited to select some pieces to get T ready for school in September it didn’t take us long to find something that we loved.

PS 2014 Bureau

The PS 2014 BUREAU – which is only available online – is a bright and light wooden Bureau desk with deep storage options inside as well as on top of the desk. With sturdy hinges, it’s the perfect place to spread out whilst you work, but when the day is done, there’s generous storage to tidy it all away.

To make sure everything is kept organised, we also made us of the TJENA Desk Organiser for T’s pens.

Once T was up the next morning, it wasn’t long before he pulled up a chair (we are still undecided whether to get his desk a chair or a stool – what do you think?) and he started making his way through his writing books. He didn’t even bother getting dressed and breakfast didn’t even cross his mind.

Talking to T about his desk, he already has visions of having a computer inside and several books (and a radio?!) on top. I really want this space to be his, therefore excluding the laptop for now, I think we’ll oblige him a radio (and maybe a plant).

Throughout the day he went back and forth to the desk and carried on with whatever he was doing – which is exactly what we wanted him to do – often changing between sitting and standing. I really love how versatile the desk is and how I can still keep the area tidy. I also love how much leg room is underneath!

The desk is £150 online and building the Bureau was very simple; taking Sharon around an hour to construct (on her own, I must add, whilst I did bedtime!). Instructions were easy to follow and we were impressed with how solid the finished article was.

The bright and neutral colours made a once boring, useless corner into something with a purpose. I can definitely see myself sitting here of an evening – once T is in bed – doing some of my Bullet Journal.

Once T starts school, I’m really excited to see how he uses this desk. We’re aiming for it to be used for any homework or learning, but I would also be happy to see him use it as a place for winding down with some colouring or craft.

We received the PS 2014 Bureau in exchange for a review as part of our collaboration with IKEA and Mumsnet, however all thoughts and opinions are our own.

4 thoughts on “Preparing for School with IKEA [AD]

  1. Julie says:

    I love the way the desk flips up so it doesn’t take up too much space in the room – very important to maximise play space! I also had no idea that IKEA had products that are only available online. I must check the website in future!

  2. Leslie says:

    Love this. I keep thinking about getting the kids a desk each but this house is seriously laking in space. I love that Ikea products just ‘fit’ and are easy

  3. Lucy Howard says:

    Oh this looks lovely and sounds like the perfect desk. Especially if like us you’re short on space. We too love IKEA products and have a house full of them. Love and hugs Lucy xxxx

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