Adverts Doing It Right for The LGBT Community  -

Keri Jones says:

I saw the Lloyds one a week or so ago and was so happy. LUSH were the first company I saw who mentioned same sex relationships, in one of their emails, it must be a few years ago now. I was delighted as I love LUSH!
I hope we start to see an equal amount of all types of relationships in adverts in the not-too distant future so it becomes the norm and not something we have to search for xx

Donna says:

It doesn’t take much for TV shows, advertising, books – all media – to be inclusive. I loved these adverts and I hope more brands follow suit x

Sarah says:

There’s a Sainsbury’s billboard on my way into town with a lesbian couple, too. 🙂

Kate Everall says:

I haven’t seen this one yet – will have to take a look!

That’s so fabulous to see. Love that you’ve found these adverts and I hope there are or soon will be many more. I notice Sainsbury’s are selling Valentine’s cards for the LGBT community this year too, awesome.

Kate Everall says:

No way! Really??? That’s brilliant. It’s about time, mind you.

Liam says:

So true. I can’t wait for the day when there’s as many same sex adverts as straight adverts. For now we sit in suspense. I personally love the same sex adverts by Lush which they mainly post on Instagram.

Great post,
Liam 🙂

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